10 Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Video Games

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Video Games Want the reactions of a fighter pilot? How about the precision of a surgeon? Then you maybe need to spend more time on the computer. Presenting 10 surprising health benefits of playing video games. Music = Red Dwarf (2005 Remix) by Desert Planet Where else to find All Time 10s… Facebook: ow.ly Twitter: ow.ly Check out a selection of video’s highlighting some Alltime10’s favourite and interesting people.. @ www.youtube.com
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24 Responses to 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Video Games

  1. darkmariomario says:

    I have a polite message to ANY mum who says video games are evil…


  2. Epiclimelord says:

    YES!!! I always knew we were superior!

  3. FacebookMulti10 says:


  4. RusticKey says:



  5. Momo Hinata says:

    I drowned in a lava once (in Minecraft) because of my mouse. I threw my mouse around, punched it, kicked it, and threw it to the trash bin. I was relieved that mouse was out of my sight

  6. jason grigorchuk says:

    5. but i wear glasses

  7. Youtybekiller says:

    you get smarter by reading not by playing games

  8. miles graham says:

    10 Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Video Games.
    press start.

  9. Donovan Rungassamy says:

    non gamers 4

  10. Viti Merino says:

    and… the water level in most games ever made

  11. Josiah Lima says:


  12. daqi3932 says:

    Also radiation kills cancer cells but still have a chance of mutating it.

  13. RusticKey says:

    Or Minecraft when you sort of drown in lava and lose all your stuff.

  14. pburg1999 says:

    Im using this for homework, Thanks alltime10s. P.S. I will give credit to you. 😉

  15. leoisforevercool says:

    and number 2.

  16. XxIffel24xX says:

    oh look!! it’s time-to-go-play-video-games o’clock!!

  17. Mukund Shivakumar says:

    suck it non gamers

  18. itsjustthecause says:

    Your statement is only correct because noobs’ brains will not have made the connections necessary for these benefits to show.

  19. SamoatulaiG says:

    It depends..you wont have half of these benefits if you’re a noob at games.

  20. Cory Hunter says:

    Or Super Meat Boy.

  21. Ethan Duggins says:


  22. Ethan Duggins says:

    yeah try telling my mom all this

  23. munteanu matei says:

    i’m gonna show this to my mom when she tells me to read a book

  24. ross nolan says:

    no, I think QWOP

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