128GB iPad Announced & 3D Star Wars Coming? – IGN Daily Fix 1.29.13

128GB iPad is real; Mega Man creator’s new game dated; Dark Souls creator wants few sequels; 3D Star Wars/Green Lantern: TAS canceled. 128GB iPAD IS REAL www.ign.com SOUL SACRIFICE RELEASE DATE www.ign.com CREATOR WANTS FEW SOUL SEQUELS www.ign.com JUNCTION POINT CLOSES SHOP www.ign.com GL: TAS AND YOUNG JUSTICE AXED www.ign.com 3D STAR WARS CANNED www.ign.com EVIL DEAD REMAKE RATING www.ign.com
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24 Responses to 128GB iPad Announced & 3D Star Wars Coming? – IGN Daily Fix 1.29.13

  1. LilProveInn says:

    Hey, which is your GT? Do you play on Xbox 360?

  2. LilProveInn says:

    You are simply lovely. 😉 The fix is cool because of you, I love your voice specially. Cheers cutie!

  3. MrYxuz says:

    YJ is for fake geek girls “shipping” their gay ass characters, nobody actually cares that it’s got cancelled

  4. mario54671 says:

    It could, but it probably won’t. Android runs on MANY different phones, they could make apps that would be fantastic on the Nexus 4, but then the majority of Android users that are stuck with 2.3 won’t be able to run it.

  5. Dakotacrans95 says:

    But it could have the potential to be used in “impressive ways.” By software developers.

  6. mario54671 says:

    It certainly is, I’m not denying that. However, what’s the point of having power if it’s not being used?

    It’s like those commercials about the phones being “more powerful than the Apollo 11.” They may be more powerful, but…just because it’s more powerful doesn’t mean that it’s being used in impressive ways.

  7. Dakotacrans95 says:

    It’s still more powerful than a Ipad. if you wanna be technical the nexus 10 is more powerful than that an ipad, and smoother than the windows surface pro.

  8. mario54671 says:

    It has 2GB of RAM, but a good majority of that RAM is used on the OS itself, as it’s a bit of a RAM hog. Also, it may sport an i5 processor and have the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000, but putting such a processor on a tablet reduces the battery life to its reported 4 to 4.5 hours, as opposed to the reported 10 hours on the iPad.

    No point in having such a processor that’s normally used for notebooks/ultrabooks if it completely eats up your battery life, providing you with little benefits.

  9. Dakotacrans95 says:

    The difference between the Ipad and the surface is the surface pro is a windows 8 operating system, it sports a i5 processor 2gb+ and a intel hd 4000.

  10. Amir Juwaied says:

    go to my channel for a gears judgment gameplay of overrun on junkyard

  11. mktakedown says:

    what you reply 😮

  12. BEbouzywouzyBE says:

    fake & gay

  13. themalachijethro says:

    I noticed that most people always notice her shirt. Is it just me or they are looking at something else?

  14. mohamud60 says:

    it not the old teen titans mini version of it they have big head and small bodies and it not about saving the world anymore to make it more comedic their taking advantage of the fact their teens living together without adult supervision

  15. brucenatelee says:

    Or we can have the original Teen Titans FINALLY FINISH!!! I remember Tera came back to life and stuff, then POOF! Why do companies think it’s good to sell what we don’t want. Keep Young Justice, fuck Teen Titans Go.

  16. ballinman117 says:

    you look pretty good in that shirt..great taste in fashion

  17. mario54671 says:

    Actually, unfortunately, I said it has NO LTE. The $999 Surface Pro has Wi-fi only. If it had LTE, it’d be more than $999, presumably.

  18. Balo657 says:

    i saying that it is bs for mircrosoft to charge $999 for lte

  19. Frankie OUK says:

    Apple are copying off Nokia LOL, low blow, low, innovation my arse.

  20. SSC3034 says:

    Instead of making just a 128 gb iPad they should have made an iMac Pad, it would be geat competition to the surface pro

  21. FiorentinaACF says:


  22. shadows1192 says:

    hey!!!! i have that shirt! well, a guys shirt but yeah!

  23. MrCNote317 says:

    What is this sudden obsession with 3-D? I know it’s cool and all but Hollywood seems to think that it’s a must have to make a movie interesting.

  24. Vlad Dornescu says:

    watch?v=gdcAGyrKDS8 – WiFi Hack – programming by ‘amarillo’ DO NOT USE FOR COMMERCIAL USES. Enjoy

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