Agni’s Philosophy – Final Fantasy Real Time Tech Demo – E3 2012 [Square Enix]

Get a first look at Square Enix’s brand new tech demo! Could this be what next-gen RPGs will look like? Details are scarce but subscribe to IGN for the latest info from E3 2012! The latest news, trailers and more from E3 2012 Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news,…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Agni’s Philosophy – Final Fantasy Real Time Tech Demo – E3 2012 [Square Enix]

  1. 1080pmedia says:

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  2. veldross1 says:

    That means nothing. What I don’t want is another waif as a main character. Time for the reins to go back to a dude.

  3. MarkHansAvon says:

    This reminds me of George W Bush.

  4. Maeely says:

    You guys need to look up what real time means. This is obviously precalc.

  5. Jd6l9 says:

    yeah! because the dev kits are out smart ass :/ neither will ps4/ 720

  6. Gorlokk666 says:

    Yeah? Where’s your proof? And it’s guaranteed to work perfectly 720 and Ps4? Shut the fuck up -_-

  7. Rephiz says:

    They spend a lot of time making FF games, I’d love a remake of the old Final Fantasies, but sadly I’d assume Square Enix wouldn’t want to spend much time on a game they already made. :/

  8. Geronuis says:

    Anyone else think the old guy doing the summoning looks a lot like the bad guy from the vs 13 trailer?

  9. bazakusan0 says:

    You know I’m starting to think that SE should just be a graphics company cause it’s about the most popular & well known thing about them that’s actually great!

  10. mrmonstercock10 says:

    its not made for misogynist like you dont buy it keep playing call of duty

  11. DavGhost92 says:

    PS4/Xbox720 baby!

  12. killerinstinct1337 says:

    Shit just got real!

  13. Jd6l9 says:

    wii u has no where near the processing power for this..

  14. SystelCyrus says:

    Looks like someone finally discovered dx11

  15. Shenraiken says:

    They really don’t want to remake the classics do they? Was really hoping they’d remake FF6, 7, and 8

  16. TheMrlemonlime56 says:

    Anyone else came here from Ign daily fix?

  17. MrKorawa says:

    real time? #jawdropped

  18. uzimachi1 says:

    Final Fantasy+AK-47=Wut?

  19. HeavenlyShogun says:

    all major roles are from people at Crystal Dynamics.

  20. SolidTitania says:

    This girl looks really cute and i wanted another final fantasy game with her as a character! 🙂

  21. Hersatz says:

    Girly game? Because the main caracter is a woman? She just get a bullet and didn’t give a fuck… I don’t think it’s going to be so ”girly” as you think.

  22. LittleLlion says:

    I hope this comes to wii u also hopefully it can handle this kind of graphics, it looks amazing! I’d love to see the main final fantasy series come back to nintendo! Then I only need to buy one console to play my most favorite games.

  23. kk2square says:

    I am seeing this as the next FF game

  24. MenziFanclub says:

    umm… i want this to be a movie

  25. fanfetLS says:

    she so cute <3 <3

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