Sometimes people play a bit too many video games. That is why we want to offer a few alternates to videos games that might interest you. Okay… Here we go:

  1. Learn to Cook: Yes you heard me right. Cooking. It will mean you have delicious food to eat.
  2. Hiking: This will get you outside and who knows you might find bigfoot.
  3. Movie: You probably do this anyway, but go watch a movie. Better yet go to a drive in.
  4. Learn an instrument: How about the ukulele?
  5. Build a Model Airplane: I did it when I was a kid and it was super fun.
  6. Learn to draw: You can draw video game characters.
  7. Code: perhaps you can code a video game.
  8. Build something: You could use wood. and youtube. just don’t cut yourself.
  9. Take a nap
  10. Take another nap.

There. Now you have no excuse.

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