Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Trailer

Play MW3 MP first, compete in the Million tournament sponsored by Xbox 360, incredible live events, Sept. 2nd & 3rd in LA. For more info click here: Modern Warfare is back. The epic sequel to the multiple Game of the Year award winner Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 returns on November 8th. Follow #MW3 updates on Twitter via @fourzerotwo.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Trailer

  1. 123456789iayman2 says:

    cuz i like it?

  2. TheRedKnight99 says:

    mw4 are u kidding at least change the title

  3. ItsAllBassline says:

    Call Of Duty 4 aka MW1 lol @speed3a

  4. SanchazOnCombatArms says:

    Ghost might be back in MW4 (I Hope)

  5. yahyamuntasir13 says:

    Counter Strike Source still better then this shit, hum waiting for CGO!!!

  6. 1234pistol says:

    Epic Trailer,
    Bad Game.
    Nuff said

  7. speed3a says:

    MW4 was pretty good

  8. FNGLolZ2YT says:

    Anyone who says Mw3 sucks only played 10 matches and lost them all. Then never picked up the game again.

  9. SAINT2JS says:

    MW3 : Mother World 3 xD

  10. clawsontony says:

    one year of bullcrap

  11. bbshadow5 says:

    MW3: Massive Waist of money for the 3rd time in a row XD

  12. basmoh says:

    This is a MASTETPIECE

  13. Branden Jones says:


  14. kevslf1 says:

    im a mw3 hater but not of the campaign which was awesome but as always, way too short, im a hater of the worst multiplayer EVER

  15. xXViPRXx says:


    If you guys are still one of those who enjoys mw3 then feel free to check us out. We have a great mix of the best parts of mw3: serious commentaries, trolling, hiding and much more. We also promote one channel a week so if you have a small gaming channel feel free to submit it.


  16. johnpatel248248 says:

    I do not even consider the MW3 campaign to be part of the MW series. Sledgehammer made the campaign by themselves and they never worked on any previous MW games. All of the story before was made by the original IW who left. It’s like sledgehammer just took someone else’s story and made things up as they chose. Ridiculous and insulting because of how poor the campaign was.

  17. Juan Piche says:

    You know this game turned out to be really good. possibly my favorite with all the add-ons it has like infected and new maps.

  18. ohhMontaiii says:

    Cant Wait for this game to come out! 😀

  19. PSYDEN159 says:

    cause cod is more popular today then its been a year ago

  20. 10mrbomber says:

    Lol Black ops 2 has like 1 million more views then this.

  21. RandomPerson00691 says:

    he is a 12 year old who’s waiting to be old enough to play violent games

  22. hkzrmuchepic says:

    so who else is buying black ops 2 just for zombies and still gonna play mw3 multiplayer

  23. steve homa says:

    anyone up for 1v1s on xbox mw3 gt aKR3ZZ add me

  24. 15cruzjr says:

    I like it but prefer BF3 cause it has realistic scenarios and how tactics and teamwork would be put into action, COD is too much hollywood that u go run in the open and start shooting with no organization whatsoever, and every COD since MW1 hasn’t been changed or improved

  25. R109259 says:

    The game has been out for 9 months now.

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