Can you play World of Warcraft without subscription?

Question by : Can you play World of Warcraft without subscription?
I want to buy one time World of Warcraft license.
Do I need to buy pre-paid time cards like this one –
to keep playing it?

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Answer by Gage
Unfortunately yes, Blizzard wants to make as much money as they possibly can, and with being billionaires, they have some of the most advanced digital security software on the planet.

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  1. Garrett Hirschman says:

    Not legally, but there are many illegal online groups that provide free pirated downloads to the game and free servers to play on. These servers are very laggy and disconnect frequently. If you want a lag-free gaming experience, you will have to pay for initial copy of World of Warcraft and then the monthly subscription fees for as long as you want to play. Just in case you want to take the free and illegal route, check out this website that lists 100 free private and illegal wow downloads/servers: All I had to do was google free wow, its amazing how easy it is to find pirated content on the internet.

  2. Dark Phantom says:

    Just to note that the vanilla game (without expansion packs) has a free-to-play option that is quite limited, but it lets you test the game out.

    “World of Warcraft: Starter Edition is now free to play up to level 20.”

    For more information:

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