Classic Game Room – FISHING DERBY review for Atari 2600

Fishing Derby review. Classic Game Room reviews FISHING DERBY for Atari 2600 from 1980. This Activision produced classic video game features two pistol capped fishermen competing for big points by fishing to the death (maybe it’s friendlier than that, but maybe not!) Fishing Derby is a cute game for a few minutes but gets old quickly and one wishes for dynamite to speed the job up. CGR Fishing Derby video review features the Activision classic Atari game, Fishing Derby, where you race to 99 points by catching fish. Fish near the surface score 2 points, the deep ones can score up to 6! Play one or two player. Fishing Derby footage from Atari 2600 Jr. shows Fishing Derby video game gameplay in HD action.

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24 Responses to Classic Game Room – FISHING DERBY review for Atari 2600

  1. relaxlaurens says:

    Nice hats. But I think those are sawed-off shotguns.

  2. MrDoodtron says:

    technically, but i would rather have “cod deep fried to a golden brown and some crispy fries on the side” than “fish and chips”

  3. muveemaker7 says:

    wouldn’t that be “fish and chips”

  4. Bittergamer1886 says:

    Surely there are a few people still there that were there during the Atari days. But there is no doubt about that, they have far less creativity than before. But, not all of it is gone. Ghostbusters: The Video Game (released in 2009, not the 1980’s) is tons of fun and wicked original, albeit a bit like Luigi’s Mansion.

  5. TheAlbinUme says:

    Fishing Derby 2 will allow you to fish with dynamite after 25 catches in a row without letting the shark hit you. And a bunch of nerds will show off their catches on YouTube hoping in vain that somebody gives a damn. What? It’s Activision!

  6. DocSicnarf says:

    But it’s wasn’t the same people at Activision. Activision used to produce unique games for the 2600. Some may have been similar styles of game play (there was only so much you could do with a 2600) but they were all different in some way. Now they just pump out the exact same games over and over. They’ve lost their creative touch.

  7. Mysticfateee says:

    half mermaid half human children, silly mark thats what a mermaid is xD half human half fish

  8. Bittergamer1886 says:

    Activision was the first third-party company ever in existence. Allow me to prove that they had a say in both games, whether they developed it or published it.



    (For those who say that Wikipedia is inaccurate or too corruptible, shut the fuck up. There are millions of editors that fix an issue as soon as it arises.)

    To be fair, they published it, but helped shape the game to their quality standards.

  9. orionpax55 says:

    Same guys? After several decades? I doubt it.

  10. Packerscorner says:

    Man…I fished that game for hours!!
    Gotta love Activision!!

  11. kiarov says:

    I think that is just a staring contest. The fishing is just a decoy on which is in fact the real objective on the game.

  12. NAJ0202 says:

    Fishing Dirby, TO THE DEATH! God, I love Atari 2600 CGR reviews =)

  13. The10kMonkeys says:

    Anyone else accidentially read ‘Fisting Derby’?
    Now that would be an interesting game…
    Especially since i wouldn’t put it past Activision to actually come up with an idea like that :p

  14. loneshewolf74 says:

    Half-mermaid, half-human children? But mermaids are already half-human. Would they look like normal children with legs, or would their legs be covered in fishy scales and have fins for toes, and then they’d be able to swim AND walk on land?
    That would be pretty cool, if they didn’t kill or enslave us all by taking over the world with robots…

  15. Bittergamer1886 says:

    And look at that. Fishing Derby was made by the same guys who made CoD, ACTIVISION!

  16. jupreindeer says:

    Let’s add that foul mouthed Seaman (Sega DreamCast…see Mark’s excellent review) into that mix. Kill the mutant. Save the world. (from out of date information mining bots.)

  17. jupreindeer says:

    At least, (Epic echo effect, please) it’s…not…boxing. (2600 style.)

  18. Morahman7vnNo2 says:

    You shouldn’t need a reason to go fishing.

  19. ndepoel says:

    This game needs Ecco the Dolphin. Then you can catch him, shoot him with that gun, put him in a tin can and eat him. Dolphin, so very nutritious!

  20. GamePlaySession says:

    one of best games I have ever seen!

  21. tolstoydreamcastfan says:


  22. TDog14126 says:

    lol, i love these vids!

  23. VicEx22 says:

    ok. i’m just saying. last time i played Atari 2600 is i think 1995. i played the fucking pacman.

  24. TheGstar1985 says:

    I remember playing this game. Controls are good, it’s easy to learn, fun for a bit… but yeah lacks excitement.

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