Classic Game Room – INTELLIVISION II console review

IntelliVision 2 review. Classic Game Room reviews the Mattel Electronics INTELLIVISION II video game system released in 1983! The original Intellivision was released in 1980 and featured an awesome wood grained strip (fake of course) as well as connected controllers and a large library of video games. The Intellivision II is smaller, lighter and sporting an external power supply and a serious lack of wood grain, yet it actually works. CGR Intellivision 2 video review features the Intellivision II videogame console in white/beige plastic with controllers and numerous games like Lock ‘N’ Chase, Astrosmash, Burgertime and Demon Attack.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Classic Game Room – INTELLIVISION II console review

  1. krossdude35 says:

    really?´╗┐ i did ­čśŤ

  2. Matthew3DS says:

    Did´╗┐ you get your headband?

  3. twomptable says:

    ! So that’s what you look like?´╗┐

  4. candykisses2197 says:

    hey i have this game and im missing the cable wire from the tv and the game. and i also have´╗┐ burgertime and astrmash and spacehawk…

  5. infringementMAN says:

    That’s exactly why I like it. It doesn’t try to be´╗┐ special.

  6. Oche76 says:

    Great review Mark, Intellivision II is better than´╗┐ the first one!

  7. RD400D78 says:

    I’ve got 3 intellivision.´╗┐ all work. one with the box.

  8. goreesha says:

    4:53 Whoa´╗┐ the P.O. box number in the booklet for the Intellivision was 666! It really was the video game console of The Beast.

  9. GadGades says:

    except he doesn’t curse that much and the humour doesn’t come from that at all. Comedy is about timing and set up and James Rolf does that well. He also uses facial expressions´╗┐ and hyperbole but that’s pretty standard stuff.

  10. GadGades says:

    they were like keyboards for pc games. The games might need the extra button for random things, since they didn’t usually use a menu where you scrolled down. Some of them had overlays where the numbers would be the main controllers. Basically things were wild and the format wasn’t codified. Atari helped shaped controls that didn’t rely on it which makes the jaguar design even stranger.´╗┐

  11. akshizzy77 says:

    I disagree, James is not a credible´╗┐ game reviewer, but he’s certainly very entertaining.

  12. SitarKnight says:

    I’ve seen the show several times, it’s nothing special unless you’re like 12 and think´╗┐ cussing is funny.

  13. ninja2029 says:

    why havent you reviewed´╗┐ the ps vita???

  14. DaDylReaper says:

    Damn you SEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!´╗┐

  15. TehAlphaGamer says:

    When you showed the´╗┐ IntelliVoice games, I was really tempted to shout: “BEEE SHEVENTEEEN BAWMBER!”

  16. mega22811 says:

    Excuse You? How am I the dumb one when can’t even use a proper´╗┐ sentence?

  17. goutons says:

    Damn son´╗┐ u dumb

  18. goutons says:

    You obviously dont´╗┐ know anything about AVGN right?

  19. robertxtm says:

    Why does gaming console back then always had a numeric keypad? It´╗┐ isn’t a phone. I wonder what makes them to think designing such thing.

  20. animegamer66 says:

    I got my intellivision model 1 for 17 dollars´╗┐ at my local thrift store with 4 games

  21. KittenCollision says:

    absolutely, AVGN just kinda annoys me, this guy is pleasant to listen to and has´╗┐ good things to say as well as bad.

  22. Mtomic2D says:

    My intellivoice works fine with´╗┐ my intellivision 2

  23. kevintwiner says:

    awsome´╗┐ video

  24. zombies5slyer says:

    your way wrong cgr has its own´╗┐ way i like both but they are not the same

  25. Firedragon41520 says:

    CGR=The people´╗┐ at I.L.F.A.R making reviews,Playing Vectrex,Driving El Camino’s
    and making intervews

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