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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Django Unchained Video Review – IGN Reviews

  1. thegamingwarhero says:

    IGN? This is just this reviewer’s opinion.

  2. Saaduk92 says:

    100% on RottenTomatoes. Holy fuck.

  3. TheDiagnoser says:

    Leonardo Dicaprio is so Tarantino-ized in this movie.

  4. skzyp says:

    adblocker broheim.

  5. 11kyzak11 says:

    They always have to have Pro’s and Con’s. Since there are no Con’s they pick on something that makes no sense making them look like fucking idiots.

  6. foecheezee says:

    IGN. Quit with the fn unskippable ads! That ish is annoying!

  7. num2son says:

    Still surprised that Leo dicaprio is in a Tarantino movie.

  8. snowman2149 says:

    He gave it a 9.4, so he obviously loved every minute of it.

  9. num2son says:

    Wow 9.4, this must be great

  10. Carloss Javier says:

    too long is a positive point for me..

  11. evilempreUK says:

    The girl talk in the bar in the first half of Death Proof was to much Tarantino.

  12. lunatiksAlterEgo says:

    cant wait to see it.

  13. deleon1311 says:

    Slavery in the south wasn’t even that bad

  14. john leos says:

    agreed! wish tarantinos movies went on forever!

  15. MetallicA7X92 says:

    and because of the 48fps and too much CGI and a couple more things… BUT if this was the first movie and came before LOTR, they wouldn’t be so harsh. they compare it too much to LOTR.

  16. David Kniffin says:

    C’mon guys, they gave it 9.4! Stop complaining about one comment.

  17. DrGamerSegaFan says:

    what the fuck is wrong with you? who didnt like kill bill

  18. BrieoRobino says:

    No. Dec 25.

  19. TheLockon00 says:

    You didn’t like Inglourious Basterds? What are you, a Nazi?

  20. NeedaBettrName says:

    Whoa, this movie was out already??

  21. pizzamon11 says:

    -0.6 for not being COD

  22. N Woodford says:

    Oh no a Quentin Tarantino film is too long. Get a grip IGN haha

  23. JimisJames says:

    Tarantino fucking sucks. pulp fiction and reservoir dogs were his only good movies. the rest is crap.

  24. Dzastynas says:

    @MightySavagE if the movie itself is more thab 2h then the review should be around 6h, dont ya think?

  25. Dzastynas says:

    so glad they managed to say how cool it is and not ruin the fun for me to watch it myself. good job

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