FFVII Crisis Core Soundtrack: Why

Crisis Core OST Why by Ayaka.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. dizzy Bridi says:

    iv always thort why zack had to die. couldn’t cloud have died that would really change zack then he could have become the mercenary and the game would have been cooler since he meets arith again then it would be come even better if he saw sepheroth in a final battle plus the heart breaking scene of arith’s death would be cool to and the thort of him and cid being best bus is kinda cool to

  2. asofartus says:

    I know that,but in the original game he actually died (at least he should have)but Square Enix wanted some more money so they invented a new story.Same thing with Tseng…he should have died in the ancient temple but for whatever reason he appeared in the movie FF7 AC.

  3. 7StrifeCloud says:

    Hey! 😀

  4. PowerWavesRatio says:

    too bad man, he’s still alive 3 years later on the ff 7 game. try “dirge of cerberus”  . hojo uploaded himself on a neural network. hojo ‘s the cause of vincent valentine bad aspect and mood. you”l hate him as never!

  5. cheyenne13615 says:

    I cried that intire scene. Zack, i miss you man T_T

  6. Alexx094 says:

    A Man Without Honor Is Nothing But A Monster
    – Angeal

  7. Marcelo Barbosa says:

    He is but they have wi fi in heaven.

  8. piromaniac9999 says:

    he was creepy as hell when he giggled as zack entered the vr thing, and the other scientist there told him not to, because it was dangerous, remember? that was kinda creepy his reaction.

  9. asofartus says:

    yeah you are totally right…i think everyone in FF7 has a good reason to hate hojo: I was really happy when I finally killed him in FF7 ^^

  10. piromaniac9999 says:

    i think hojo is easily one of the sickest, most evil person in ff history.What he did to his wife(lucrecia) could have caused complications during the birth of his son, and what he did to his son.There laws against performing risky dangerous experiments that may cause pain and or death, and is even taboo to perform on non humans.

  11. Mistergamer22 says:

    why you are not death?!

  12. asofartus says:

    7 years ^^

  13. piromaniac9999 says:

    can’t remember, cause my psp battery is dead, and the last battery i bought didn’t work

  14. piromaniac9999 says:

    I was past meeting angeal, genesis, cloud, and sephiroth.I also was fighting in midgar and entered and talked to hojo, and did the vr.

  15. ThePhillyfire1986 says:

    Shes at Nibelheim. How far are you? Everything in CC is Zack’s POV. The Nibelheim that happened in FFVII was Cloud “in Zack’s” position. Cloud and Tifa were together when Zack got cloud down the mountain in CC.

  16. piromaniac9999 says:

    but where is tifa then? in the original game, tifa was the guide for shinra through nibleheim.

  17. ThePhillyfire1986 says:

    Maybe around 5-7. When they get captured it’s 4 years, add on time from the story. So I figure 5. Cloud says “it” happened 5 years ago in FFVII too.

  18. piromaniac9999 says:

    question:how many years before the original game does crisis core take place? Because cloud looks a little younger, as does yuffie.

  19. Kaizer Gin says:

    Not gonna cry.Not gonna cry.Not gonna cry.Not gonna cry.Not gonna-*Makes dying whale noises*

  20. 7ySayOcean says:

    Its at the end of the game during the part where you bawl your eyes out. You might have been drowned out by your sobs to hear it T_T

  21. RienzelXIII says:

    Why don’t i remember this song in the game? Seems like something you’d remember…

  22. MechaJake32 says:

    You’re not making sense is what I’m trying to get at. You can purchase things from them; figurines, dvd’s, blue rays, you don’t even need to use them.
    If you don’t want anything to do with the idea of piracy then you just end up missing out. 

  23. evilherojoseph says:

    awesome song especially some parts of it like 3:18

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