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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Final Fantasy Dimensions Video Review – IGN Reviews

  1. chikensaregood says:

    these rpg’s are what started it all so of course its still going strong and the reviews show it, no action rpg from square enix recently has gotten a high score as the older games, we all have different tastes but the reviews show the proof of what is better

  2. Yarrr101 says:

    Thats what she said @1:10

  3. Zoml3oy says:

    And I did say $15 would be better/preferred/a great price, but @ $30 what your getting is still a lot.

  4. avin67 says:

    honestly can they please release this shit on PSN and XBLA and Steam for the same price, people will buy it, I know it, i’m so fucking annoyed waiting for Versus

  5. EmeraldHazex117 says:

    freeplaystationetworkpoints .weebly .com

  6. cornchippers says:

    Is it just me or do the graphics look pretty bad? It just kind of looks too sterile.

  7. WatchPony says:

    If this game were on a handheld console for a $15 download, it would be fine. But this is on a phone, where most games are $5 at most. Yes it’s 30 hours, but would a person actually want to pay $30 for it? I could get Final Fantasy 4 for $10 on the DS, and would get a much better experience. $30 is the almost price for a full 3DS game, which this looks more like an SNES game.
    I’m not bashing on retro games at all, but the price is not worth it.

  8. ginno123 says:


  9. 123Silentblade says:

    i honestly pefer action rpg’s (i dislike the combat of FF, because i feel like when i die, its a little unfair that i had no way of dodging the attack) but its nice to see that FF is still going strong.

    -i apoligize for any spelling errors in this comment

  10. StephanieHua says:

    IAP cracker allows you to download the DLC for free.

  11. morbidavatar says:

    @Sami Manzur Yeah, in Japan.

  12. Sami Manzur says:

    but it is out for androids…

  13. missmeme19860 says:

    i didn’t understand this video .

    is this a new final fantasy game ?

  14. Zoml3oy says:

    So obviously your not “Insanely smarter” than ou think if you were to get all the fact’s. Your just a person who values graphics over gameplay and hours of experience. Your just “one of those people” in my eyes that can’t see a good game for what it is.

    And if you don’t want to pay, YOU DONT HAVE TO. There is a thing called a Jailbreak where you can get it for free if you want. So stop complaining.

  15. Zoml3oy says:

    Over there, chapters cost between 315 yen ($4) and 525 yen ($6.67) a piece. Times that by how many chapters there were up for sale (13), and all together Final Fantasy Dimensions costs between 3,780 yen ($48) and 6,300 yen ($80).

    And, if this game was full 3D and on the console, you wouldn’t be bitching. It has enough content to justify it’s price on console (say has a download), and MORE THAN ENOUGH to justify it’s price as a mobile game.

  16. Zoml3oy says:

    Remake of what? You realize the Japan version came out within the past year or two. Do you realize what a remake is? Because this is not a remake; it’s a port. And, $30 is really reasonable for what your getting. Your actually getting it at a DISCOUNT than id you were to buy the Japan native version.

  17. Guyll21 says:

    Ha! Yeah, I’m insane…. Insanely smarter than someone who thinks $30 for a 2D remake is “reasonable”. No wonder software companies value their trade at way more than it’s worth, as long as there’s people like you they don’t have anything to worry about!

  18. Nazanir says:

    No it hasn’t. Just the price tag.

  19. morbidavatar says:

    Random battles and grinding? Welcome to retro RPGs! Now if Squenix would just release it internationally on Android, they’d have my money in a heartbeat.

  20. Chewiejds says:

    Random battles is widely down upon, even though there isa large group of gamers who don’t mind it.

  21. suitthefuckup says:

    shows visuals I could create 15 years ago on game maker in under 24 hours….then announces that it’s $29 asking price is justified. I DON’T THINK SO. I understand that this is the visual style that has become accustomed to most FF games but it is obvious the development costs are a lot lower for these visuals. there is no way this is worth more than maybe $15-$20 and this is coming from a final fantasy fanatic. IOS is not developed enough as a platform to warrant spending $30.

  22. tardoin97 says:

    Wait you idiots gave it less because of RANDOM BATTLES WHAT THE HECK

  23. TheMustik92 says:

    I would get this if I had an iOS, Sorry but no game is worth buying a console to play it.

  24. belartful says:

    Was this made in RPG Maker?? C’mon Enix… Square Soft built their games from scratch, not an editor. I expected MOAR from you >:O  I’ll have to play it anyway, I’m curious about the story. Graphics aren’t everything I guess 😛

    Wonder how the music is, did Nobu play a hand in it? Are the Ogg/MP3 or midi? If midi, lets hope you folks still use ensoniq’s ecw 😛

  25. Resvrgam says:

    $30 USD iOS game? Nice try, SquareEnix. Quarter that price and you’ll actually get sales.

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