Final Fantasy IV – iOS Trailer

THE WORLD IS ENDING! Square Enix’s 3D Final Fantasy IV remake is now available on iOS with all the revamped sound, visuals and voice acting. Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: Final Fantasy IV – iOS Trailer

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25 Responses to Final Fantasy IV – iOS Trailer

  1. Dayne Doney says:

    Can you fix the control pad in one place? Cause that pissed me off about the third one.

  2. Corey Houser says:

    Is there going to be a final fantasy vii and viii for iPod Touch????

  3. Jestahz says:

    Can’t we have both? Graphical updates of all our favorites with the story maintained. Besides, we know how we FF fans are, we’ll bitch unitl they do it AND bitch about how they mess it up (whether they really mess up or not) when they finally do it. It’s just how it goes.

  4. Xclann says:

    Well, the Graphics greatly enhance the entertainment of the story.

    To make my point, I’ll make this statement:
    Although Final Fantasy VII is great, I’ll pick Final Fantasy XIII over VII because of the graphics.

    Please do not vote down my comment nor vote up. It is just an opinion.

    If, because of the story, the graphics do not matter… Why not just read a book?

  5. Hope Estheim says:

    What is name of this track?

  6. ripxxc says:

    And what is a final fantasy game with amazing story and graphics?
    The best Final FANTASY GAME EVER! Final Fantasy XIII: Versus please!

  7. vanchai1 says:

    I was so surprised when I logged in my App Store and saw this on 12/20. It was the best day and I screamed like a little girl and almost knocked over my bourbon lol

  8. USAgent88 says:

    I love FF 4 it’s one of the best!
    You Spoony Bard!

  9. SuperSah44 says:

    This on DS was the best game I have ever played. Excellent story, awesome graphics and some of the hardest boss fights ever. Everyone, try it now in it’s revamped HD glory!

  10. MenaceFan says:

    what does “starting broadcasting” mean?

  11. TheRodentGamer says:

    So youre saying that graphics are the biggest point of a game. If you took final fantasy 13 and made it have worse graphics but the gameplay is the same it would suck?

  12. TheBojanglesPanda60 says:

    your game gets better the better the graphics are. btw in FF13 you dont just kick a ball around, it has a good story and gameplay and great graphics so you cant ignore graphics especially when its been a big part of Square’s success


    Call of Duty has bad graphics though, are you retarded? You’re one of those hate the CoD bandwagon just because it’s popular. Hipster cunt.

  14. PommesHatTuete says:

    Does anyone of you know what aesthetics mean?
    So just stop fooling around about graphics and gameplay. They are both important for a game! But it doesn’t matter if the graphics are “bad” if they fit to the gameplay.
    The best gameplay doesn’t work if the graphics won’t fit, also the best graphics are bad if the gameplay sucks (except for TechDemos 😉 )

  15. TheRodentGamer says:

    Whats with people these days? Graphics dont make a great game. For example: If there was a game with an EXTREMELY real looking graphics but the game was just a ball on a field and you kick it to win. is that a good game? NO! Final fantasy 7: Great story and gameplay. Not so good graphics = Good and well designed game

  16. Generations1st says:

    Too bad i played and completed it 18 years ago….

  17. TheBojanglesPanda60 says:

    there are GBA advance versions of all the FFs up to 6

  18. TheBojanglesPanda60 says:

    i actually almost hate 7 because of its graphics. 13 is my 3rd or 2nd favorite FF bc of graphics, you cant ignore them

  19. teamINOV says:

    Now do VII…
    What? Are you allergic to money? o_O

  20. princepure1 says:

    Actually the beauty of the beauty of the graphics and the memorable soundtracks have always been a contributing factor to final fantasy’s past success.

  21. stefanusvibri says:

    we all know all ff games are the best except after ff x
    but i love yuna, lightning, and serah as main character, hate the games loves the character lol

  22. Taylor Skinner says:

    Already have this version on the ds

  23. Bien Calusa says:

    Love this game! Gonna download it.

  24. Strospiteri says:

    Your welcome.The more the merrier.

  25. seckusa says:

    this is my favorite FF next to VI 🙂

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