Final Fantasy – Medley

Sam and Steve do Final Fantasy. We figured rather than start out with a specific FF game to cover, we would do these three songs which are relevant to all the games. Here’s the breakdown: 0:00 – 0:07 Victory Fanfare 0:07 – 2:25 The Prelude 2:25 – 4:41 Main Theme/Prologue 4:41 – 6:20 Chocobo Theme Thanks to Nate Horsfall (FoxxDragon) for our new logo and chocobo picture. You can find more of his awesome artwork here: Also you can download this chocobo picture and his other works (or purchase it as a poster), by going here And of course, thank you to Nobuo Uematsu for creating this wonderful music for so many years which has inspired so many people.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Final Fantasy – Medley

  1. kegs95 says:

    Playing with Power!!! Fuck yeah bros!!

  2. Keishmer25 says:

    why your so serious?

  3. Keishmer25 says:

    why your so serious?

  4. overlordss says:

    Garland disliked this 9 times

  5. ElricDraven1 says:

    i play bass and wish i could get in with people that would like to play video game music and have the passion for it, such a great job on every video guys, very inspirational.

  6. nicecreme says:

    WOW!!! O_O super

  7. RoccoMATION says:

    u coulda done 1 more octave the prelude

  8. BryanakaDwish says:

    Where can i find that Buster sword you have in the back. I want one haha. Great job guys. Just found your videos today and was amazed.

  9. Keishmer25 says:


  10. zulli85 says:

    This amazing. Excellent work, I only wish there were more vids. 🙂 Btw the dude on the right looks like Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead haha. Cheers! 🙂

  11. DeformedConscience says:

    50,000 view! 🙂

  12. DeformedConscience says:

    50,000 view! 🙂

  13. finnishmetalfreak090 says:

    Cool, thanks. I’m going to try to learn either both parts of this or find a friend who wants to learn one part and I’ll learn the other. You guys RAWK!

  14. SuperGuitarBros says:

    Pretty much. The Metroid medley was in Drop D but everything else we’ve done is in standard.

  15. SuperGuitarBros says:

    Yes! That would be an awesome one.

  16. SuperGuitarBros says:

    Thanks SongeLeReveur. That means a lot coming from a fellow video game cover… Guy.

    I love what you do man. Keep it up.

  17. CashandChange says:

    Yes! That would be amazing!

  18. CashandChange says:

    Awesome medley!

  19. CashandChange says:

    The exception being FF13, which was a bitter disappointment, along with the rest of the game.

  20. Raul Huerta says:

    Request: Vamo alla flamenco from Final Fantasy IX

  21. finnishmetalfreak090 says:

    Are you two always in standard tuning?

  22. AceRichter says:

    Nobuo Uematsu would be proud…

  23. brpadington says:

    This blew my fragile little mind.

  24. hungoverontues says:

    whatever else you are doing with your time, I can’t be as great as this

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