Final Fantasy Meets Metal

Hey guys, So I did my best trying to include all the songs that you guys wanted. Be gentle haha. Whatever songs you did not hear will probably be in the 2nd FF medley. Big ups for everything, the support, the messages, the subs, the suggestions, the fan art, the donations, and the comments. You guys ROCK the casbah harder every time. Hope you enjoy. Thanks so much for watching. Best to ya, Eric Facebook: Tab book/MP3: Itunes: CDbaby: Twitter:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Final Fantasy Meets Metal

  1. uche876 says:

    FF VII forever sephiroth never will be a memory !!

  2. LPMalakye says:

    Chills Every Time! You Sir are AMAZING!

  3. HyPn0TiCz1 says:

    Fucking lol man

  4. danndanness says:

    All of the win :3

  5. DEADaaron2 says:

    3:20 <--- Free Metal Chocobo replay button ;p

  6. DEADaaron2 says:

    ZOMFGZOMFGZOMFGDFGJIFQJIQSMWEIFJDFA CHOCOBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333333333333333333333333333

  7. ThePortableTornado says:

    I honestly got chills when he started playing One Winged Angel…

  8. Benjamín Martínez Velasco says:

    dafuq dude?

  9. Benjamín Martínez Velasco says:

    looooooool a chocobo evolving to wargreymon?? XD

  10. LPMalakye says:

    I LOVE YOU (no homo) XD

  11. VIPmsg says:

    If you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD !

  12. mishaal3000 says:


  13. darkanimne says:

    awesome job !!

  14. jerboxx says:

    If only Squaresoft still existed….

  15. TheZeldaninja says:

    Dude, fucking love the amount of awesomeness in this comment. <3

  16. Darkman9000 says:

    Should do a cover/remix of Brentalflosses song.

  17. HyperShadow810 says:

    There is one.

  18. 11sakurakun says:

    awesommeeeeeeeeeee ! i like it !!!!

  19. Mystuff123able1 says:

    Is there a Kingdom Hearts meets Metal yet? If not, you Should do it.

  20. xXEosiaXx says:

    I want to ply Dissidia Duodecim now!

  21. squall10aaa says:

    Hey Guys, look this metal version of Orchesta Liberi Fatali!
    Very Nice!

  22. Mohawkalicious says:

    Holy shit those drums on One Winged Angel =o! So brutal!

  23. WeLikeActivities says:

    square enix*

  24. oldstubob says:

    how ironic, i was playing FFX when i found this video. PS2 FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. MegaToonTV says:

    This brings back good childhood memories 😛

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