Guude Games – Batman Arkham City – E09

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to Guude Games – Batman Arkham City – E09

  1. wrecka27 says:

    *fraps not traps.

  2. wrecka27 says:

    Traps froze when you met mr freeze in the cold are, software got too cold.

  3. DKsasquatch says:

    huh did not know that. carry on! 🙂

  4. ThePirateKing2 says:

    “Like a mobile garbage truck.”

    Because garbage trucks are normally immobile.

  5. TMoffsPiez says:

    comment 69 is better.

  6. TMoffsPiez says:


  7. Firestorm13r says:

    Who’s WonderedLotus86?

  8. Electifried says:

    1:58 Kinda startled me a bit lol

  9. pengboy08 says:


  10. kobzinfinity says:

    guude, can you upload that screenshot you took at 7:39 ? i want it as my desktop background 😛

  11. RTesta3 says:

    Well, yes. Many comic book villains, and even heroes, have such names. In the previous vid (or was it the one before that) we saw Freeze = Fries.

  12. kobzinfinity says:

    comment #31 woo!

  13. GuudeBoulderfist says:

    don’t let it, if you do that in a room of people looking for you, you instantly give yourself away most the time.

  14. kaptainkarnage69 says:

    How did Batmen take down that room full of goons?
    Have we seen the last of Penguin’s pet fish?
    Is Mr. Freeze a figment of Guude’s imagination?
    Tune in tomorrow — same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

  15. IAmChuckNorris11 says:

    28th! Fuck yeah

  16. Burnes says:

    Frap freezes when you meet Freeze. Seems legit.

  17. poosh117 says:

    shut up, im trying to let go of this rope!!

  18. natemare117 says:

    Oh well STILL GOOD :D

  19. MrLemonzOwns says:

    wow.. at 5:00 the riddler’s name is edward nigma.. e.nigma.. enigma.. *facepalm* that is a bit cheesy

  20. humanking2212 says:

    well Batman, woulda been a good time for your anti-shark spray!

  21. Pilanthis says:

    just let go guude. 😛

  22. xLenimentum says:

    Guude you can pick up the riddler things with your batclaw if you cant reach them 😛

  23. StephanBurgwal says:

    You found Arnold? Better take him back to Docm77 then. ;)

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