Guude Games – Batman Arkham City – E15

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Guude Games – Batman Arkham City – E15

  1. SirDiggalot says:

    Batman came out when you were 8? Wow batmans old!

  2. allmateria says:

    you realize that joker is crazy right? lol

  3. DrPepperManiac115 says:

    Autobots, STROLL OUT!

  4. xXNinaRocksXx101 says:

    @TeamD3ath2 Is that a good Thanks or a bad Thanks?!?!?

  5. symian125 says:

    You should do the simulated reality training things off camera or if they’re interesting on camera. They give you upgrades to your stuff. Good upgrades. Loving the series. Keep it up!

  6. Threadoflength says:

    yea he did that one of the recent episodes.. they were just already unarmed 🙂

  7. Threadoflength says:

    i never understood… joker’s only chance of survival is to have batman find Mr. Freeze and then find a cure… and to facilitate him he has all of his guys out looking to shot him on sight??

  8. Threadoflength says:

    He probably got some sleep lol

  9. B4lloonsLab says:

    Guude, you can get an achievement by throwing a remote control batterang, and fly it into yourself. Thumbs up so he can see!

  10. Dapoodapoo says:

    Hey Guude, I think there is a way to use your batclaw (the grappling hook) to disarm people. Don’t remember how though. You may have to buy it with a level up, not sure

  11. xhallyy says:

    @16:30 Fucking YES!

  12. MrRedscheepproducts says:

    WE WANT MORE !!!

  13. SquidgeBot says:

    Guudes riding stables video got 27 times more views that this… How?

  14. Chayden90 says:



    Ahhh, vindication.

  15. HaiMickie says:

    You can also use that explosive gel flip move in combat with regular guys

  16. TeamD3ath2 says:

    If u use detective mode u can see the peoples easier and what they have.. like the communications destroyer dude at 2:30 ish.. no idea what the button is for pc

  17. TeamD3ath2 says:

    Thanks guude u got me to play this game off of the 30secs i watched of a previous episode.. i finished it in like 8 hours 🙁 now ive got nothing to do

  18. RedBCPride82 says:

    you sound so cheerful in the video:D

  19. BIGMIKEv0420 says:

    I always find myself singing along to the intro 🙂

  20. oleksyj93 says:

    One of my favorite things to do is to plant the explosive foam and then luring them near it and blowing them up. works like a charm.

  21. elfenari123 says:

    Has anyone else noticed how similar this is to assassins creed?

  22. mestiarcanus says:

    It sounded like you were spamming the buttons again during combat. Naughty naughty Guude. 😛

  23. SadChadable says:

    I never asked to get on you fucking pussy

  24. BallisticLife says:

    I know you get this a lot, but COMBOS MATTER, really try to time your attacks well. Also, earlier in this episode, you had situations where you could use the remote controlled batarang to take out the wire that was RIGHT below you, it just required a little work. Also its pronounced “Raysh al gool”. Apart from that, great series 😀

  25. MistaiRek07 says:

    i want to see what happens to stallion

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