Halo 5 – 10 Things “Needed” for Halo 5

10 Things for Halo 5, these hopes are opinions by Chris, and do not represent what the game will be of, and what it actually needs. All opinions are respecte…

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25 Responses to Halo 5 – 10 Things “Needed” for Halo 5

  1. Bryan Smith says:

    I hope so. Because i miss watching the flood infect aliens and humans all in their own image lol.

  2. mach7sr says:

    thats what halo 5 is going to be about. this video was on halo 4.

  3. Bryan Smith says:

    They should bring back the flood or at lesat some type of creature who turns people or aliens into one of them in halo 5 on the campain and not just multiplayer.

  4. TheKevin8488 says:

    They should add all the past map from all the past halo’s

  5. Madara Uchiha says:

    Add me

  6. toxicbullet114 says:

    Add flamethrower

  7. Lax King says:

    i am a very old fan of halo and i think they need to include all original weapons plus dual-weld and the brute shot, a flying UNSC vehicular attack and transport and other things like maps like 2 remakes of blood gulch and a better remake of Valhalla

  8. mtramos1299 says:

    I think halo 5 ,6 sould be so depressing like gears 3 senary everything in ruins

  9. MrCoconutsquash says:

    we shouldnt have to read a book! the story should stay in the GAME!

  10. Brandon Coe says:

    I think the book, “Glasslands” might help you there.

  11. GorrillaGang1 says:

    or like ragdoll dead bodies for decoration and stuff. i always thought that would be cool.

  12. GorrillaGang1 says:

    the hornet WITH the passenger ability that’d be sick

  13. GorrillaGang1 says:

    it would be sick to have the skull search back instead of just having them automaticly having them. its way more fun to go out and look for them.

  14. Jaden Graham says:

    I disagree with you the BR is the best weapon in halo (i prefer) but to bad they screwed up the damage value on it

  15. luke healey says:

    I completely agree with what you are saying especially the bit about the arbiter I mean what happened to him there’s only a 4 year gap between Halos 3 and 4 ( in the game) and yet they don’t even mention him in the 4th game

  16. ThaBurger29 says:

    i loved sandbox in h3! they should make multiplayer a mix between reach and 3

  17. Steven Gervis says:

    halo 1 hangun thats what halo 5 needs

  18. MysteriousTroller says:

    Dual wielding with all guns not just SMG’s

  19. heheshabutie33 says:

    You are simply mentally retarded. CoD anger? Because I don’t think one of the biggest flat spawn trapping maps shouldn’t return? That doesn’t even make sense….

  20. Minecraftlol22 says:

    I know but you can’t have master chief on all halos he is human so he will eventually die.

  21. Nick Franco says:

    hey Chris, do you know if there is any way to contact 343?

  22. Recon O says:

    Plus Halo 2 music!

  23. Recon O says:

    SMG, dual weilding

  24. elmarcus300 says:

    Bungie was doing an amazing job whit Halo.
    But when the contract whit Microsoft finished 343 Industries came and SMASHED EVERYTHING AND FUCKED UP SOME THINGS
    I dont like the idea of Killing Cortana and retrating “The Master Chief”
    Becasue they have been in us 4 halos and cortana in 5 halos ._. and you now take them away like paper FUCK YOU.
    I hope Halo 5 returns whit Master Chief atleast.

  25. JoshLovesRC says:

    …wrong company m8

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