Halo Vs CounterStrike

Yeah… EDIT: I’ve seen people complaining about that I ‘stole’ this video, and I want to say this: I’ve never said it was mine, I never said I owned it. So please, stop spewing false accusations.

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24 Responses to Halo Vs CounterStrike

  1. Pddsnipes says:

    yes i agree doom is a good game it is a really good one ive played it

  2. xTranceDance says:

    Stop sucking on Chief’s dick.

  3. xTranceDance says:

    Bitch, have you even played DOOM?
    It’s the king of FPS and will forever be.

  4. kalakoo1 says:

    You know how I interpreted that was “Fuck, Halo it is for pussies” Implying I would play this while having sex.

  5. halowraith1 says:

    You make funny jokes.

  6. halowraith1 says:

    Nice liking such a shitty game.

  7. halowraith1 says:

    Ohhhhh MSG faggot fanboy. Chief has shielding and quite a few layers of protective matierial that can protect his body from superheated plasma and Hardlight projectiles.

  8. halowraith1 says:

    I would kick your ass for days with a Binary Rifle and a Plasma Pistol.

  9. halowraith1 says:

    CS wasn’t the first FPS dumbshit.

  10. halowraith1 says:

    Apart from a single Promethean Knight, one of Halo 4’s new enemies…

  11. halowraith1 says:

    No, it was stuff like Doom and Wolfenstein 3D that let Halo and other FPS games come along… Halo started development in 1997 anyway.

  12. Rajon Rondo says:

    Halo Combat Evolved or Counter Strike Global Offensive?

  13. sparkie1j says:

    i think thats a luxury that both games have but im not sure

  14. kungsmurfen says:

    Yeah Halo is no father of fps in general but it’s the father of fps on console, influencing other games like Cod and Battlefield to also make games for consoles 🙂 I’m just saying that CS wasn’t the main influence of Halo even tho it’s one of the best fps games of all time(Halo is too;))

    Anyway, the games are barely comparable 🙂

  15. SWORDEN SPARDA says:

    In some ways you are right 70 % but homie , i think the father of fps is cs 🙂 not cod not bf not halo or crysis or killzone , just cs , it lives on still today even if its the older game of many fps out there , we know whos da father 🙂 half life made cs and cs made all other shooters O:

  16. JwhudexNLS says:

    I wasn’t saying counter strike is bad. I was saying that halo is awesome.

  17. kungsmurfen says:

    From what I know Halo was influenced by Doom and Alien, not CS. Halo was also already in development when CS was released so.. yes it would still be here.

  18. ShoguntheKiller says:

    HADUKEN! *Cortana comes out in a sexy pose* lmfao

  19. SWORDEN SPARDA says:

    If it wasnt for counter strike , your halo wouldnt even be here .

  20. proslushpuncher180 says:

    i like both of them

  21. PerformanceCars1FCH1 says:

    Look both Halo and CS are both awesome games! The true enemy is of gaming is cod.

  22. pwanchi09 says:

    Snake always wins!!!

  23. crazym16dude24 says:

    @Arcralf and doesn’t put an apostrophe in “it’s”. The form you used meant “it is” so the apostrophe is needed.

  24. crazym16dude24 says:

    @Arcralf I hate to butt in, but, listen to the guy tell everyone he has impeccable grammar when he didn’t capitalize “I” after “easy”.

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