7 Responses to How can I create a free World of Warcraft account?

  1. G4M3D3STR0Y3R says:

    you don’t nessicaringly have to provide your information such… if you have $ 29.99 you can go to a gamestop or an EB games and purchase a game card (pre-paid game time credits) and play.

  2. ThisLEGACY says:

    You can only play for free if your friends or someone else buys the game card for you.

  3. Bri says:

    Unfortunately, you can’t get it for free, unless you steal someone’s credit card, which is illegal. However, I wouldn’t get addicted to WoW, because it takes your money away, and leaves you with basically no life. I quit too late, and I miss it like heck and would take any chance I can get to play again. xD

  4. Richard L says:

    A Major website, http://www.freeprizesite.com offers:
    2 Month World of Warcraft Prepaid Cards.

    FreePrizeSite is a premire ‘get paid to’ site.

    I Have actually gotten TWO 2 Month WoW Cards on there, plus a couple other small prizes.

    Each card is about 28 points (cost of it at the store)
    28 Points you can earn for FREE and Easily.

    I Have found many websites which give you Free Prizes. But None has worked as good as http://www.freeprizesite.com

    Your prize will get processed within 24 hours and the code will get sent by e-mail!

    Also, If you use the coupon code ‘2FORFREE’
    You get $ 2 free. Therefore you only need to earn 26 points, which can very easily be done.

    If you need any help, email me.

  5. acg651 says:

    You can’t make a free World of Warcraft account. The closest you would get is to a free trial which I think is 14 days. Then you would have to pay.

  6. NintenHelp says:

    Make a regular WoW account and choose to pay with “pre-paid game cards” u can buy these cards at a local store and type in the code from the card on http://www.worldofwarcraft.com and it will give u free 60 days of gameplay. Now then, u don’t want to buy the cards? click this http://www.rewards1.com/index.php?referrer_id=431452 once u go on the website click sign-up….i promise u this is NOT fake go on youtube and search about it. U do surveys with your fake information for points on the website. Once u have enough points u can buy the world of warcraft game cards from the website. I hope i helped u 🙂

  7. Pyro Pimp says:

    You can play on a private server. The are against the WoW TOS but if you are willing to, you can google World Of Warcraft Private Servers and youll have plenty of options

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