How can I get better at Halo 3 multiplayer?

Question by jayhawkfan6000: How can I get better at Halo 3 multiplayer?
I’ve been playing Halo 3 for a few months now, my skill level has been hovering around 11 to 13. I know how to increase your skill level, you have to beat players who have a higher skill than you. But I need some tips on how to play better so that I can beat them. My kill/death ratio is pretty bad, 0.65 I think. Any simple tips I can follow to get better?

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Answer by Premier
-watch youtube videos on strategies on certain maps
-don’t play ranked as it decreases your rank as you lose.. play custom games with friends.
custom game time is essential to perfecting the strategies you just learned.
-find YOUR weapon.
don’t use a

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  1. Altair says:

    play more, get more accurate.

  2. BlackKobold says:

    When it comes to FPS games, practice is one key to success. You’ve been playing Halo 3 for a few months now. You can bet that there are guys who have been playing Halo eight hours per day since the first version of Halo came out. Chances are these guys are going to smoke you every time. They’ve just practiced a lot more than you have.

    Another key to success is innate ability. Practice can certainly increase your twitch reaction time, and even more importantly it gives you a much better awareness of your surroundings. It’s very difficult to sneak up on an experienced player! But let’s face it, some guys are just faster than you’ll ever be.

    It’s like marksmanship. I recently saw a show on TV where a guy took a metal washer, tossed it up in the air, and shot a .22 rifle round straight through the hole in the washer before it hit the ground. I could practice shooting for my entire life and never make that shot. The guy described what he does as “viewing pictures in his mind”, as if he were able to slow the movement of his target down to individual freeze frames in his mind before taking the shot.

    That’s basically how FPS games are. Some guys will react more quickly, aim faster, and never miss.

  3. Cole Train says:

    all you have to do is learn how to defend ur grill better and if u dont kno wat that means u shouldn’t be playing halo rofl

  4. hex_1381 says:

    Learn about maps, and the main weapon uses. Don;t be afrad to use the ‘noob combo’
    Also use Forge to make maps to your advantage so you can really beat all the higher level players.

    6. Noob combo- Any combo of items in a video game that require little skill but is very powerful. These combos are looked down by higher class players who have mastered other combos but are still getting killed by players who basically cheat by using the same easy combo over and over again.
    7. Noob Combo-The use of any two weapons in a game where no skill is needed to get kill by the combined use of the two weapons.
    For example in Halo 2 the most know noob combo is using the Plasma pistol and the Assault rifle, the player charges the Pistol and in one shot take the enemies shields out and that quick switches to the other gun and with one shot kills the opponent. And least we forget the universal noob gun.. The Shotgun and Sniper rifle, and together you can’t get anymore noob.. Just remember NOBODY likes a camper.

    If you need any help just send me a message. Ok?

  5. takslatah says:

    My advice is to observe what the players with a higher skill level do differently then you and then pirate their techniques. It worked for me and I am a 39 on lone wolves.

  6. Kevman says:

    alot of matchmaking

  7. Fe says:

    Play, play, and play

  8. curkendall_chris says:

    rank truly doesn’t matter i beat commandos all the time
    honestly i played off line with a friend practicing on accuracy and damage and it has approved my true skill by 64%
    look for curkendall16….that’s me

  9. chauncey says:

    cheat, mod, betray, and smack talk the other team. you do that enough you will never loose. and most importantly tea bag!!!!!!!!! tea bag all day

  10. Razo says:

    Dude you just have to practice…plain and simple. Learn the maps and where shortcuts are to sneak up on people. Always, ALWAYS have a fully loaded weapon. You waste one or two bullets on an enemy…reload! Keep playing on unranked and occasionall yventure into rank to test urself. Know what weapons work best for you. you need to carry a long range and short range weapon whenever possible.
    P.S. Grenades are a must.


  11. the crazy wrestling luver G says:

    join my clan we will help you
    watch videos on youtube find a good player and play team doubles

  12. David D says:

    well first is play social matches……dont play ranking until u actually start getting the hang of it……ill help u get better……whats ur gt????

  13. Gamer Tokyo Boy says:

    these couple of things might help. first watch youtube videos and compare yourself to what others do. second play story mode on legendary and pass it 2 times. third change the sensitivity on ur settings. fourth drink a lot of Gatorade and play on social slayer and see wat ur doing wrong and try to fix ur mistakes.

  14. says:

    I’d say the same way I do with any game: practice the 1-player mode to master the controls and discover strategies, then start the multi-player gaming and just keep trying.

  15. Jom G says:

    My tip is to Play control type bumber jumper, Look sensitivity 5, And vibration off im a major highest skill 47 send me a message on xPur3 Talent if u want to scrim or need some help to get ranked up

  16. Jason R says:

    -The battle rifile is your friend
    -Get good at sniping
    -Do not rush
    -Staying back and sniping is your friend
    -Strafing is how you stay alive
    – Use bumper jumper

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