How does the world of warcraft bill system work?

Question by richard: How does the world of warcraft bill system work?
OK i want to buy world of warcraft but i have to ask when you buy it and a 2month subscription.Does the system just count 60 days and then you need to buy more, or does it count when you acually play?

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Answer by jeddedia
The Blizzard way of things is to count from your activation day to 60 days from then. It does not take into account days you do not log on to WoW. You will pay the monthly rateno matter how much youplay.

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  1. kensaku9x says:

    Yes, although easy to mistake, it ocunts every day you are subscribed to world of warcraft. So if you have 60 days of subscription you will have 2 months then it ends.

  2. *~* TwiztNIN *~* says:

    First off, there isn’t a 2 month subscription. Only 1, 3 and 6 month subscriptions at $ 14.99, $ 41.97, $ 77.94 respectively.

    When you buy World of Warcraft, you get your first month free, but a month after the exact date you set up your subscription, it will charge your subscription cost (depending on which subscription you choose) to your credit/debit card. It goes by real-time months, not the amount of time you play.

    You CAN by 60-day time cards, they work the same way, but they are $ 29.99.

    *NOTE: If you subscribe to WoW on a 3 or 6 month subscription, you are prepaying for those months so if you decide to quit, you will NOT get your money back. They will just keep your account active until your subscription ends.

  3. BAZZA says:

    sorry to breakthis to you but its from the day that u start ur account from then on u can set up a credit card or buy more geame cards on the same system
    should realy be playing time but such as life

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