IGN News: Microsoft Secures XBOX 8 Domains

Microsoft has secured ownership of multiple domains related to the term “Xbox 8”. Could this be a sign of things to come or is Microsoft simply protecting their brand? Find out more in this news segment then let us know what you think! Subscribe to IGN’s channel for the latest reviews, trailers, and walkthroughs: www.youtube.com TAGS: “xbox 720” ms xbox “xbox 720 news” “xbox infinity” infinite “xbox loop” loop “xbox durango” xbox “xbox 360” “next gen” durango infinity “xbox 8” feature “xbox infinite” microsoft news “gaming news” “video game news” ign IGN ignentertainment HD HQ 2012 official video

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25 Responses to IGN News: Microsoft Secures XBOX 8 Domains

  1. TraxdataGamer2012 says:

    Hey boys, check the new working Xbox Live Microsoft Points Legit and Free for all members guys:

    Check the tutorial here: = > /watch?v=MxtY8ckLEx8

  2. goarmy979 says:

    @MrGreenOvidiu that means we need anitviruses now and it gives hackers a better chance to hack us

  3. Allen Tang says:

    yeah?not xbox720 …i think the name of “xbox8″is shit!

  4. rickyjshiznit says:

    You misunderstood, he was implying that the xbox would be called 8 because it ran windows 8.

  5. 19day88 says:

    @MrGreenOvidiu there is only windows 8 etc cuz its 8th gen. using the same logic is should be called Xbox 3. it will be infinite or infinity

  6. 19day88 says:

    that pic says infinite, probably will be the Xbox infinite or infinity with 8 being a quick key as the symbol for infinite is an 8 on its side

  7. dw2919 says:


  8. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    8 red rings of doooooooooooooom

  9. uDoTheDance says:

    yeh someone just told me, forget the whole thing ^^

  10. uDoTheDance says:

    ma bad :p

  11. uDoTheDance says:

    awesome, i did not know that 🙂

  12. MrGreenOvidiu says:

    Xbox 8 could very well be the name to the next-gen Xbox. It makes sense, we have Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and the next Xbox is heavily rumored to have W8 as OS! So for me it actualy makes sense! The next Xbox using W8 will be great, developers will spend less time optimizing the games because they already have Windows experience from the PC! Not to say that Windows is a stable platform as well

  13. Undedlvr says:

    i agree the only ps exclusive i like is metal gear solid and theyre even fuckin that up with bringin back raidan. the only reason i bought a ps3 was 4 te free online gaming

  14. 1metalgearsolid says:

    They were high on weed that day! 🙂

  15. Coconutszz says:

    God of war has been the same since the very first one, same button mashing. all it has is blood. uncharted is the same thing over and over again aswell. and i bet 100% that last of us will blow donkey cock, just like every other playstation exclusives. and halo has changed with every sequel, unlike any of your shit games. oh, and your name is baconisgreat, you must be under 12. Playstaion will fail again

  16. lemonia1894 says:

    Its probably called xbox 8 because it cost 8x more than the xbox 360 >:l

  17. wootywooty123 says:

    what does 8 make? 2 circles. 360 degree’s plus 360 degree’s = 720.
    just my thoughts.

  18. ImpulseNos says:

    Like If You Tried The Site’s

  19. Daimen555 says:

    Xbox infinity…cool name.

  20. xjippyx420 says:

    All this Xbox v ps3 still going on?

    Xbox released over a full year earlier and has always been far cheaper…

    Ps3 has sold more units in less time and all while being more expensive with far less failure rates.

    Xbox just throws money at developers so the whole exclusive argument is null. Goty who?

  21. Croxyndul says:

    xbox infinity sounds cool. though I’m set with wiiu and ps4.

  22. Ghost4venger says:

    ……but I could be wrong heh.

  23. Ghost4venger says:

    I am pretty sure it is suppose to represent infinity.

  24. spartandx says:

    and if you turn that 8 again… holy crud it’s an 8 again! incredible!

  25. ggtbyboogaloo says:

    Thankzz ign 4 keepin me n tha loop

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