IGN News: Xbox 720 Development Kit Photos Surface

Photos of a next-generation Xbox development kit have emerged online. Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: www.youtube.com TAGS: xbox “xbox infinity” news infinite “xbox loop” loop “xbox 260” 360 720 “xbox 720” “breaking news” “xbox durango” durango infinity…

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25 Responses to IGN News: Xbox 720 Development Kit Photos Surface

  1. chairheeos says:

    No 4k on Xbox 720 🙁

  2. sharsasuke01 says:

    sigh… feels like just yesterday the 360 came out… 🙁 and its suppose to come out next year too? fuuuuck it…

  3. Stoudemireable says:

    I was just talking about people in general, to me buying a console thats 500 bucks is not a bad investment if it lasted atleast 10 years like this gen almost did, plus I heard they might offer contracts paying yearly, not everything upfront

  4. bigK2345 says:

    I dont have financial issues. i DO have money, but im not stupid with it. -__- Thats why i have the ps3. Its lasted me quite a while so far and im hoping it last me for some more time. Which also goes into why we dont need new consoles yet. And i cant speak for anyone else, but i dont smoke so i dont buy cigarettes. I dont go on 500 dollar shopping sprees either. I dont have money like THAT. I dont gamble away my money either.

  5. lola2333332 says:

    what the hell is this guy in the background doing ?

  6. ponday16 says:

    Click (Show The Comment) to board the hate train.

  7. DaOldSchoolArtist says:

    cant wait for holidays this year:) cus we alll know that the only time shits ever released!

  8. Ipodtouchfanboy says:

    the guy who bought it when it was questioned said YOLO lmfaoooo !!! no lie

  9. Daniel Wattson says:

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  10. smoke420smh says:

    why would ps gamers watch a next gen xbox video just to say ps is better? playstation had an entire console released before the xbox so ofcorse they will have a leg up but xbox is taking over just accept it

  11. Manuel Harrison says:

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  12. NimrodIsAwesome says:

    Indeed, you’re right, most people who buy COD and JB stuff are 7-12 year old kids

  13. warmaxxx says:

    well cod is equal to justin bieber hey you get nothing out of listening to his songs but then again he still makes millions off useless people that tend to buy his stuff

  14. warmaxxx says:

    many horrible games sell in millions or also sell at some point and still gather out a good profit and the thing people get in return from buying those horrible games would be they would waste their time on it and not realize they just got ripped off but then again their just random groups that will keep playing that certain game that they have bought and waste their time on it when they will barely ever realize or come to a state where their game is actually not worth it and cod is another one

  15. salikali2 says:

    a 6670 is so weak, that is not a next gen console xD

  16. agenttru627 says:

    the next xbox will be a gaming pc…it microsoft?

  17. partyhardcake says:

    U mean Kids

  18. NimrodIsAwesome says:

    cod’s graphics is shit and people still buy it in millions

  19. warmaxxx says:

    it’s all about data bandwidth the more data bandwidth you have overall in everything the better the game play will be and the smoother it will be and the engine won’t feel cheap but it will feel richer and in depth , the funny thing is if you look at 2006 graphics and now we are in 2012 and people still yell OH THIS GAME LOOKS AWESOME THE GRAPHICS LOOKS GOOD , no it’s just generic graphics made to make funny and for idiots to actually just buy those since they are easily impressed by them

  20. NimrodIsAwesome says:

    I won’t buy any console if the graphics will be only slightly better than current gen, though graphics isn’t everything when you’re talking about video games

  21. warmaxxx says:

    well we know that both of them will use crappy amd and ati tech 6670 graphic card? which is really crappy outdated btw probably they will both suck compared to high tech standards but then again this is marketing you guys will be easily impressed by almost anything easily and would buy it even though there will be a very small improvement you guys will think it’s something so great when only educated people would actually notice it’s not a significant improvement we are already in 2012 and meh..

  22. LMSX27 says:

    well actually thats not technically true not a fan boy but PS has been at the gaming business then xbox and both have different things that are better xbox have better internet connectivity and security the PlayStation has better console exclusives and Graphics cause while xbox focuses on software PlayStation focuses on hard wear the to things the companies were born on

  23. Djalmanac says:

    You’re an idiot.

  24. 瀬人 海馬 says:


  25. MrNinjaRope says:

    The guy on Facebook is awesome.

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