IGNs Top 25 Xbox 360 Games Video Rundown 2012

IGNs Top 25 Xbox 360 Games Video Rundown 2012 Find out what classics you should play and what didn’t make the cut. Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: www.youtube.com Subscribe to our gameplay channel for walkthroughs, guides, and gameplay videos www.youtube.com TAGS: ign top 25 xbox 360 games 2012 “top 25” “xbox 360” videogames “video games” “video game” videogame xbl “x box” ign ignentertainment games gaming “video games” gameplay hd official 2012 “video game”
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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25 Responses to IGNs Top 25 Xbox 360 Games Video Rundown 2012

  1. MaLooCraft says:

    i think that Dragon Age Origins and Borderlands should have been on this list.

  2. Ethan Riquelme says:

    Guys,they didn’t say top 25 Xbox 360 EXCLUSIVE games,they just listed the best games that are available for the console at the moment.

  3. DisrespecfulSyrup says:


  4. Helwer2332 says:

    well at the end when he said xbox 260 games that just knocked out republic commando

  5. MosterHamster says:

    @fudgehog68 M

  6. Lazyworker123 says:

    ME2 was so much tater than me1 in every way.

  7. youGotslapped100 says:

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  8. SuperMunkeh says:

    Wow, I have no idea why Mirror’s Edge was so high on this list. The bits where you’re forced into combat towards the end were utterly abysmal. A decent game with some nice ideas, but one that always felt like it needed a sequel like Assassin’s Creed did, to really achieve the actual vision.

    Still, that’s the beauty of opinions and the fact everyone’s opinion is different….even if yours are so clearly wrong 🙂

  9. MichaelCorcoran94 says:

    Halo should’ve been number 1

  10. roger07ify says:

    Indeed sir 😀 why? U MAD?

  11. BeNMM101 says:

    I’m glad Mirror’s Edge is getting some recognition now. It’s a great game

  12. Nintyfan95 says:

    I like the Wii, and PS3 better because they at least have exclusives.

  13. Samotslayer says:

    I am a bitches? I am more than one Female Dog?-_-

  14. Lootmidget says:

    Mass Effects story makes more sense than the story of BF3 and Black ops

  15. cerealkiller103178 says:

    GTA4 and Arkham City should be ranked higher……
    P.S. skyrim is overrated, just saying

  16. Hfajardo97 says:

    So what, i was never talking about that.

  17. ThePrickler says:

    Also I’m not a troll but skyrim is overrated

  18. ThePrickler says:

    2 games that shouldn’t have been on this list: sr3 and halo 3 Odst you say the campaign was lacking in reach it’s FOUR HOURS in odst

  19. roger07ify says:

    CHAMA! WTF are you talking about. The only retard here is YOU my friend because your a bitches! In other words… Tienes el gusto en el culo igual ke toda la pila de chochinos estos 🙂 Oh my bad… I ment to say… Go fuck yourself 😀 U MAD BRO?

  20. User394 says:

    yeah, the thing is no one actually cares, people will still buy them for whatever platform they prefer

  21. smitie18 says:

    Dead Space ?

  22. MarklarRavencrest says:

    Yes I have. hm. Didn’t think about that game. Well both are great.

  23. Darren McLauren says:

    Your comment is to stupid

  24. Darren McLauren says:

    have you played Half-Life 2?

  25. JimJamBimBam1 says:

    Ok, never mind, we clearly didn’t play the same sequels.

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