Is World of WarCraft Safe For Computers?

Question by ibobby: Is World of WarCraft Safe For Computers?
Is World Of World Warcraft Safe for my computer like no virus and is it fun?

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Answer by raina_vissora
Well… if you get a legitimate copy instead of stealing, yeah, it’s safe. Of course you also have to have a computer capable of running the freaking game. It’s eats up an insane amount of resources.

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8 Responses to Is World of WarCraft Safe For Computers?

  1. bob b says:

    Yes it is very addictive and it is completely safe for you computer. There is no way you can get a virus with it.

  2. Marley J says:

    Its fine….my brother has it and he has had no problems at all. Have fun with ur game (if you get it)

  3. CoD WaW says:

    Ive been playing World of Warcraft forever you will not get a virus at all but it can sadly slow down your computer alot sometimes not but dude for real do not get to addicted to it its a EXERTMLY fun game like some 10 million users but it is also VERY addictive im not saying to not play it just watch out watch your grades and your friends i use to be very addicted but then i slowly got out of it but i kept all my friends cuz i got lucky lol but really watch out man and dont play to much

  4. Emma says:

    idk about your computers
    but there not safe for your health!
    i heard some asian man died playing it.
    true story.
    starvation and dehydration.
    be careful!

  5. oSo Nastii says:

    ok i’m going to break down the facts.
    1. You can’t get a virus from a world-wide game being sold in many stores with over 2 million players.
    2. You can get a virus if you download it for free from a torrent such as limewire,megaupload,etc.
    3. The game takes of a massive amount of memory, so a computer with RAM and a huge hard drive, and/or a graphics card would do you a huge favor.
    4. The game is addictive yet fun, so don’t forget you have a family and you need to spend time with them so it won’t affect your relationship.
    5. You can buy it from stores such as Wal-Mart,Target,Best Buy, and even
    6. Have fun and you can locate me on the server Gorefiend, characters name is Vientiane.


  6. rr13d says:

    ….yeah it’s safe?
    Over 10 million people play it, even if at one point they were corrupt they would have quietly quit that shit a long time ago since at least with today’s ridiculous laws they would certainly do jail time, especially since you pay monthly and not just a one time fee.

    And yes it’s addicting, if you have a life now…you won’t after you start playing. If you don’t have a life then you have nothing to lose…especially your virginity.

  7. Epic Penguin says:

    Buy the copy and do not give anyone your account information, basically just make sure it’s legal and your NOT buying gold, accounts, or the like. That is illegal, and will either get your account deleted, or you will get hacked.

    But other than that, if you download it correctly off the disc, it should all be fine. However, I did have an incident when a virus corrupted part of my files and I couldn’t play. Didn’t come from the game, just a random misfortune.

  8. Austin w says:

    it is so safe

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