Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII ‘Debut Trailer’ TRUE-HD QUALITY

►► Remember to select 720p HD◄◄ Square Enix has released this trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – the final installment in the XIII series. The trailer depicts what appears to be a more agile Lightning exploring a Victorian style world. The game play footage shows Lightning’s rapid traversal, as well as a handful of boss battles. Platforms: Playstation 3 & Xbox 360 Publisher: Square Enix Developer: Square Enix Genre: RPG Release Date: US: TBA 2013 EU: TBA 2013
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII ‘Debut Trailer’ TRUE-HD QUALITY

  1. kratosspartan101 says:

    I hope this final fantasy is better than XIII-2

  2. Rubi Era says:

    The reason why I was really disapointed by in FF XIII is that it is so linear. I really hoped to run around freely in an open world RPG.

  3. TheBeyleef says:

    Dude if you’re juding a game by it’s graphics you can just fck off right now. 

  4. George Moncayo says:

    a book called the stones cry out by Randall Price shows alot of archaeology that supports the Bible.

  5. George Moncayo says:

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  6. deaththekid922 says:

    FINAL FANTASY 10 , 13 , 13-2 and i think 13-3 too


    7 had awful graphics

  7. VaticanIscaria says:

    We don’t have to play the game. It’s going to follow the same formula as FF13 and FF13-2 which means it’s not going to be a game, it’s going to a movie that you advance through by spamming “X”. No real Final Fantasy fan likes Lightning or any of the forgettable characters she pals around with.

  8. technopixie96 says:

    This looks interesting, but I hope Lightning gets some decent clothes, because the outfit in the trailer doesn’t really suit her. Maybe her 13 outfit of the Aya DLC from Dissidia?

  9. zhx5532451 says:

    I really want to finish all the 13 series, the new crystal system is amazing, and every time i could see the improvement when new 13 series came out.

  10. Hyroblaze88 says:

    I wish they just left 13 alone, let it die, do versus, kingdom hearts 3, and finish redoing 14 correctly (it looks sweet now). Then move on, they dont want to remake old ones, fine, release the digital ps2 classics like 10-12 (not sure why there isnt a ps2 classics section on psn yet). Use some extra revenue to fuel the releases people are excited for. Im embarrassed for square enix.

  11. tergviteza says:

    FFXIII-3 okay

  12. Animeality says:

    Yes, it is a matter of taste. I like time travel stories, and desptie getting sick of FFXIII by Taejin’s Tower, I went on to play the sequel.

    And that’s that.

  13. Neil Gaskin says:

    How does a female character skilled in agility but has poor brute strength defeat a character who can only be defeated by brute strength?

  14. Neil Gaskin says:

    Skinny bony heroines in games and movies you love them! You like them! You want more skinny bony heroines in games and you love skinny bony heroines in movies too! You obsessed with skinny bony heroines when i hate skinny bony heroines in games and movies! Too many skinny bony heroines in games and movies too many of them! Too skinny! Too bony! Skinny bony heroines why do people like them so much? I do not understand why the obsession? Why? PLEASE TELL ME IM CONFUSED WHY YOU ALL LIKE THEM?

  15. Neil Gaskin says:

    Feel the skinny bony skinny heroines FEEL HER FEEL HER! YOU ALL LOVE SKINNY BONY HEROINES! SO SKINNY YOU LOVE EM! Games and movie heroines so skinny YOU ALL LOVE EM!

  16. Neil Gaskin says:

    You all love skinny bony breakable heroines don’t you? That why you choose them to be heroines in games and movies!

  17. Neil Gaskin says:

    Would you like to see and touch her skinny bony breakable arms? Would you like to see and feel her skinny bony breakable body? Would you like to be hit by her skinny bony breakable arms while she punches you? Would you like to compare abs while she shows you her skinny breakable body? Would you like to go out with her and see that bony breakable skinny body with those saggy boobs everynight before you go to bed with her? FEEL HER BONY ARMS! FEEL HER BONY BODY! You all love it don’t you?

  18. Comdes Cev says:

    i think we should just ignore the ff7 fanboys. although it really amuses me how they stalk the ff13 videos 24/7. guess they have nothing to do while waiting for their remake to come out. either that or they have some serious crush on ff13.

  19. KazamaKetchup says:

    Good :)

  20. GetOnMyLevelBreh says:

    I will respect yours, but Final Fantasy XV on the PS4 or whatever best be damn good, and best make me love this franchise again, as recently my love for it has dwindled to the point of near death. I will get FFX on PS Vita most likely.

  21. KazamaKetchup says:

    You think it’s bad, I think it’s good, therefore it’s a matter of taste. The difference between you and me is that you have a negative attitude toward the newer games while I don’t. Try to respect my opinion as I respect yours. You shouldn’t be to whiny, a HD remake of FF X is on its way. Skål.

  22. GetOnMyLevelBreh says:

    No, no it isn’t. The XIII arc is terrible, every entry (and this will be no different) has been massively dissapointing, and nowhere near worthy of being called a Final Fantasy. Give me the good old days of FFVII, VIII or X please. Cheers.

  23. Neil Gaskin says:

    I do not see how a skinny heroine can be attractive with their skinny ,puny ,bony bodies and breakable arms(even if they do not break in the games or movies!) and saggy boobs that just flop which is attached to their bony breakable body! If people find skinny heroines attractive i feel sorry for you and the heroines who was created by someone who makes out that skinny bony heroines are very strong(Where did that come from?) So you keep your bony heroines while i’ll puke in my sick bag.

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