Super Mario World Hacks with SSoH – Mario’s Treasure Hunt Part 8 – Everything Is A Surprise

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25 Responses to Super Mario World Hacks with SSoH – Mario’s Treasure Hunt Part 8 – Everything Is A Surprise

  1. Dubsexxxx says:

    Hey,´╗┐ fuck you.

  2. BoCo8888 says:

    9:15´╗┐ thats mario sunshine music

  3. SBRasterix says:

    Epic´╗┐ :).

  4. rtcorvette says:

    The boss is Doopliss´╗┐ from Paper Mario TTYD! Loved that game.

  5. PernoninNoobs says:

    Or Wrap the metroid games´╗┐ too!!!

  6. bbruinenberg says:

    Can you please just stop with the insults. I know this is the internet and all that stuff but as long as your comment doesn’t help anyone there is no need to put insults in them. In fact, at this point you’re harming seamus more than helping him´╗┐ because there are probably a lot of people who have constructive feedback but who are afraid of people like you acting like a douche to them.

  7. bbruinenberg says:

    Dude, just tell them that if they don’t have the patience to wait for people to find their video’s that they might as well stop right away. If you’re going to give them feedback about their video’s at least give them constructive feedback. If you’re just trying to make him stop´╗┐ spamming you’re doing a bad job. You are aware that they listen to people that don’t insult them a lot more often than to people that do insult them, right?

  8. EBARGamer says:

    wow you’re a fucking loser´╗┐

  9. Rampage739 says:

    LOL´╗┐ Hey Look A Jew c:

  10. ScelesticFish says:

    Metroid castle is awesome´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  11. animefreak20456 says:

    kind of surprised he would include a metroid´╗┐ fusion castle into this hack

  12. toastydark says:

    well maybe its just because im a nice´╗┐ guy

  13. Dubsexxxx says:

    No, they are being bitchy bitches.´╗┐ Fuck them.

  14. scimpanze1000 says:

    DKC btw´╗┐

  15. scimpanze1000 says:


  16. MCPhantomX says:

    music´╗┐ at 10:00 from mario sunshine

  17. spazwhale says:

    at´╗┐ least hes not 5.

  18. Bigyimmyz says:

    Have a blue block for´╗┐ breakfast ­čśÇ

  19. FireJetDragon says:

    By doors I mean those grey looking things that´╗┐ Mario goes through btw.

  20. FireJetDragon says:

    I just noticed that´╗┐ the doors in the first level in this video are the doors in Metroid, that’s a nice reference I guess.

  21. Xchaos5673X says:

    Wow´╗┐ you’re pretty bad no offence, but this shit looks really easy.

  22. KaNgUrUhBR says:

    “It’s always a good day when you find´╗┐ a secret hole!”

  23. 360Flare says:

    Calm the fuck down it’s just´╗┐ an idiot plugging his channel. For fuck’s sake, people like you are even worse than channel-pluggers.

  24. shadowonze says:

    First boss was doopliss from paper´╗┐ mario(Gamecube version)

  25. infectedsoul569 says:

    yay! a part about a´╗┐ really old samus game.

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