Tecmo Bowl – Pat the NES Punk (NES review)

Real NFL Players! Cheerleaders! Hut hut hut hut hut hut! Original release: thepunkeffect.com Follow Pat on twitter! twitter.com

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24 Responses to Tecmo Bowl – Pat the NES Punk (NES review)

  1. Thomas Patterson says:

    I always wondered why there were no Philadelphia Eagles on this game, With Reggie and Jerome killing every teams qb’s

  2. Thomas Patterson says:

    I was going to say it was a Panthers headband

  3. mococaboy17 says:

    Barry Sanders. 

  4. Joshua Gaylord says:

    Bo Jackson

  5. mrmimeisfunny says:

    1:57 longest aqward silence ever

  6. Aries Major says:



  7. smile221 says:


  8. harrisonosirrah says:

    Lol at R.O.B.’s stunned silence.

  9. Greg Wishart says:

    totally saw this guy on pawn stars last night

  10. Chuck Norris says:

    Thank god it wasn’t a Kansas City Chiefs headband pftpft

  11. jessetlyles97 says:

    ROB’s blank stare at his headband was fucking gold xD

  12. jakeryanadams007 says:


  13. angryfoxes1 says:

    ROB looks like this once he saw that headband
    _| |_

  14. MechaDinosaur says:

    right now, at 8,008 views, it looks like it has boob views. Yeah, it’s immature, but it’s funny.

  15. Chukwillard says:

    The 3 things that kept me from playing Tecmo Bowl were that it didn’t have all the teams, it didn’t keep stats, and you couldn’t play a season. Tecmo Super Bowl resolved those issues.

  16. T0talpwnage321123 says:

    Lol at least he wasn’t wearing a Cleveland browns head band!!!

  17. WhatDothLife1 says:

    What is that song at 12:35 ??

  18. NES8bitcollector says:

    Love the video! The start is hilarious!

  19. wweucseeme says:

    Great video:)

  20. lotusclown77 says:

    i’m sure pat doesn’t want asshats like you on his channel anyway so please do us all a favor and unsubscribe.

  21. lotusclown77 says:

    lmfao! luv the pats joke at the end, sooooooo true.. most crooked group of assholes in the national league and some people actually think they’re a good team, if they only knew..

  22. JoeTheJRPGManiac says:

    Fuck you R.O.B just fuck you.

  23. achilleshands says:

    I smoked a super bowl

  24. Ace Rimmer says:

    I haven’t seen this, so shut the fuck up you silly lemonade.

    No one cares if you unsubscribe. Your existence is that of nothing in the grand scheme of things.

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