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Click here for our review of the standalone film We take a look at the concluding chapter of Christopher Nolans Batman saga as it hits Blu-ray just in time for the holidays. Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray Video Review – IGN Reviews
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray Video Review – IGN Reviews

  1. Eddy Gould says:

    no ill just play ot on a nprmal blu ray player which is about £150 cheaper to be honest@theunchartedmen

  2. Shorty20122012 says:

    All Nolan really cared about was cashing in on this. TDKR script is pretty sloppily put together and seemed rushed, just like this blu ray release.

  3. Gum2Gum says:

    Wtf is the point of .5? Lol why not just a 8

  4. bjman678 says:

    Well this idiot read the comics

  5. MistryWho says:

    Awww, i wanted special features!!

  6. DippersandSmiles says:

    You are an idiot.


    Batman was never killed. He survived,Robin actually was a cop, and Bane isn’t even white in the movie.

  7. MrOneLessThan70 says:

    How the fuck can you tear up over a documentary about bat-mobiles, like seriously IGN wtf

  8. nissoerensen says:

    They did get Bane’s name right though.

  9. jaywhitney789 says:

    I love batman I went to Wayne mannor in Nottingham I got shown round everywhere his bed room and got to try on a mask they left after filming

  10. MarieCrossbow says:

    It doesn’t matter.

  11. bjman678 says:

    I hate this movie now they mess up the story robin was never a cop bain is not white and Batman was not killed by a bomb.

  12. MoviezGames says:

    He gave the bluray an 8,5, NOT the film itself.. There’s a big difference..

  13. cachokako says:

    says that he was unpleased that ign itself gave 9.0 out of 10.0 and gives 8.5, fuckin idiot

  14. theriser17 says:

    8.5?! More like a 10

  15. mmmackjr91 says:

    Thumbs up if you are getting the Tril

  16. ironjoker101 says:

    In what way? It’s not even cheaper.

  17. 07duncan17 says:

    So I still waiting to watch this, because I have a feeling they’ll release a 3D Bluray a little closer to Christmas day or just in the New Years 2013.
    I am more psyched for Total Recall than this Batman movie.

  18. MrYxuz says:

    Go shove the bluray up yours you fandork

  19. maverickhunterdelta says:

    what truth? the guy was trolololololol-ing around with one sentence, and no details.

    Go figure lol.

  20. Daniel Abeln says:

    Careful! People don’t like to hear the truth!

  21. BDaneshvar6 says:

    Hey guys check out my Bane Impression on my Channel!!! I think it’s really good and would love some likes and feedback!!!

  22. Gyorkland says:

    A friend of mine got the bluray yesterday because he never saw it on theaters, I asked him today if he liked it, he said: I haven´t finished watching it yet, but it was all good until Jack Nicholson appeared and I realized I had fallen sleep…

  23. austinharveystock says:

    If a car can make him cry, maybe there is a reason why he felt this movie was so amazing…

  24. austinharveystock says:

    Actually, if you’ve already seen the movie three times in theaters sometimes the only real value is in the Behind The Scenes. If you don’t watch them then you are missing out, they are the best parts of any Special Edition.

    The Features on this disc are more interesting than the movie itself.

  25. Moonman874 says:

    These guys are morons, you buy the DVD for the movie and the bonus stuff is just an extra. LOL IGN reviewrs are dumbs

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