The Epic Final Fantasy V Medley

► Facebook: : ► Tracklist : ► MP3 : ► FLAC : Many thanks to the talented guests ! HATTRAX (Bass) ► FREIJMAN (Electric Cello) ► THE8BITBRIGADIER (Flutes) ► ACLAYTON95 (Steel Pans) ► SHINAINARU (Strings & Vocals) ► SONGELEREVEUR (Guitar & Glockenspiel) ► ROMAIN GREFFE (Keyboards) ► DR. PEZ 12 (Banjo) ► CHRIS MCKNIGHT (Trombone) ► Tracklist : 0:00 Ahead On Our Way 1:21 The Dragon Spreads Its Wings 2:09 Royal Palace 2:55 Mambo De Chocobo 3:27 Run ! 3:56 The Fierce Battle 4:35 Danger ! 5:10 Intention Of The Earth 6:18 Goodnight 6:31 Tenderness in the Air 7:45 The Airship 8:40 The Battle 9:09 Harvest 9:45 The Decisive Battle 11:14 The Last Battle 12:42 The Fire-Powered Ship 13:58 The New Origin 15:10 The Day Will Come 16:34 Home Sweet Home
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to The Epic Final Fantasy V Medley

  1. ahiru0033 says:


  2. JaiboKiller says:

    Magic in music form 😀

  3. Ultima7132 says:

    Is this your job, or something you do in your free time? Because this is easily professional quality.

  4. RoydGriffin says:

    Wow… You never fail to amaze me with those!

    Do you plan on making a new one for FFVII as well? I know, you made a lot of FFVII stuff allready, but I’d love to see me a original Marc Papeghin Epic FFVII Medley! 🙂

  5. paatwo says:

    indeed 😀 this is great! he gave a shoutout and a link to Marc on one of his Dark souls videos 🙂 I do not regret clicking it!

  6. Squee36 says:

    If he gave a shoutout to marc that is awesome. This deserves millions of views.

  7. Valfuras says:

    Another great video! thanks a lot! Is it sad that most of the music i listen to is game music? not when it is this good!

  8. skitshady says:

    thank you for this! I miss those good old days really much! This reminds me a lot of good memories! and sorry for my poor english, respect from Taiwan

  9. paatwo says:

    You know it :P

  10. Squee36 says:


  11. paatwo says:

    ENB said i have to tell you how awesome you are, so here you go 😀

  12. mr45buster says:

    And i play ff lol.

  13. Marc Papeghin - French Horn says:

    Well check out The Black Mages, BKMJMBOX, HatTrax or moonbow for some awesome covers of Clash ! 😉

  14. DarkSeerification says:

    Well i like ff and you watch ff so…

  15. mr45buster says:

    Lol darkseer. u dont even play ff, why u listening to this???

  16. Daniel Byrne says:

    /watch?v=LO0QCan-bok if you want another homage to great game. 😉

  17. Az Garde says:

    Holy damn. Epic, as usual ! Even if you’ve already done a French Horn only version of FF7, think you might do another medley with drums and all ? That would be so epic !!!

  18. DarkSeerification says:

    Well said my friend.

  19. Jacob Bangs says:

    I was waiting for the Clash On the Big Bridge…

  20. forceofnature26 says:

    Yessss! Favorite Final Fantasy!

  21. Gustavo Perez says:

    by far the best you have made until now

  22. MrTjoland says:

    When is the next “The Epic Final Fantasy ??? Medley” coming out? :), and what is it going too be next time? 🙂

  23. Squee36 says:

    Egoraptor makes a really good point about that game in his megaman sequelitis.

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