Vengeance & Honour [Assassin’s Creed] – (XBOX) – 021 – Extremely Chilly (LiveComm)

Alrighty, here’s another live commentary from Rainie! I didn’t realize while I was playing but I managed to get an Extreme Variety bonus during this match, I just saw it while I was editing the video lol. Let me know if you guys like these live commentaries and I’ll try to do more. If there’s a particular topic you guys want me to discuss/talk about instead of doing a live comm let me know what it is and I can give that a try too ­čÖé If you like this video make sure to take a gander at some of the other shows I’ve setup on my channel! Also please remember to like and share ­čÖé Hide & Seek – Dishonored Tales of a True Vault Hunter – Borderlands 2 (TVH mode) Vengeance & Honour – AC Multiplayer gameplay
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Vengeance & Honour [Assassin’s Creed] – (XBOX) – 021 – Extremely Chilly (LiveComm)

  1. Dortonone226 says:

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  2. Sunsu Phạm says:

    suck´╗┐ a cute assassin =]

  3. UltraAssassin26 says:

    @rainiethg hey how do´╗┐ u make a live event btw subbed

  4. UltraAssassin26 says:


  5. melissaopal71 says:

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  6. armandcapwell5240 says:

    I just grab´╗┐ some free xbox live points yesterday and I am giving it away for free here

  7. Leaphfy CG says:

    It’s in her first Q&A session´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  8. rainiethg says:

    indeed, and yet´╗┐ people still ask for it XD

  9. rainiethg says:

    it still works if u´╗┐ dont lock, but it has more success if you do

  10. xDutchWartoothx says:

    They fixed the bodyguard to where you have to lock the persona´╗┐ you need to punch. Hope that helps. —__— Have fun, hope to play against you.

  11. 17DRAGONSLAYER says:

    Love the live comms u should do some´╗┐ more

  12. rainiethg says:

    yup´╗┐ it was live

  13. XDaASSassainxX says:

    Also how did u get into AC cuz u barley see girls play these type of games?´╗┐

  14. XDaASSassainxX says:

    We will never see rainies face she tells us over´╗┐ and over lol

  15. evg0708 says:

    rainie what do you´╗┐ think about the single player?

  16. supahfro says:

    her live comm´╗┐ is the best

  17. mcsmith7161 says:

    Hey Rainie, try focusing when you throw a smokebomb before you stun. The stun will be worth´╗┐ a lot more ­čÖé

  18. juandi001 says:

    That’s why Morph/Polimorph+Bodyguard works so well´╗┐ here. You can get several lures and a lot of stuns. Also, focuses are 3 seconds, while the unability to kill is 5, so you can get lure+stun+focus if you manage to confuse your pursuer.

  19. metalsnake27 says:


    This game isn’t broken at´╗┐ all folks.

  20. billaynik says:

    these bodyguards always´╗┐ disappoint u!! i felt so bad about the “gooo” part at 10:21

  21. TheRainySky says:

    Aw, I guess my bodyguard doesnt like me then UnU :D´╗┐

  22. Dimip97 says:

    6:56 when that happend to me i turned the´╗┐ ps3 down!

  23. ltjerryl says:

    @HeyItsMeAgain94 Same´╗┐ here dude ­čÖü

  24. HeyItsMeAgain94 says:

    6:52 that sane exact BS happened to me yesterday and caused me to lose the damned match -_- 6100 to 6150 to the guy that just BS stunned me even though my kill animation CLEARLY started . No smoke bomb. Just a´╗┐ quick screen rotate and I’m stunned. Pissed me off so damned much.

  25. mohammed9021 says:

    Rainie! Will we ever see your´╗┐ face?

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