What age should someone stop playing video games?

Question by Smelly: What age should someone stop playing video games?
I am 26 and sometimes I miss playing video games. I quit because I felt that I should live in reality, get a girlfriend, and grow up. Sometimes I play on the weekends if I am alone or don’t have any work. I don’t know why but whenever I buy a new game I get these feel guilty about it because of the loser stigma of a gamer.

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Answer by Sadie

it doesn’t matter how old you are when you play them, it’s how much you play them.

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12 Responses to What age should someone stop playing video games?

  1. Theguyacrossthestreet says:

    If you enjoy it, by all means do it. But don’t make it an addiction, or call yourself a “gamer”

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    if you have a really good internet, this will definitely curb your gaming appetite. Check it out, wont bother to describe it.

  2. Hypnos says:

    I stopped playing video games when I was a Sophomore now I’m 18. I think video games are pointless.

  3. Emily Woodland says:

    im 25 and a girl and i love video games as long as you dont play them 24/7 and allow yourself to have a life away from them then its cool… personally i dont ever want to give them up they are just way to much fun

  4. TONYA says:

    I’m 34 girl gamer and i don’t want to stop anytime soon. 🙂
    Currently playing borderlands on pc …yup

  5. dinnydevil says:

    You don’t have to completely stop.

    If you feel that way then just limit the amount of time you play them so you can go and do whatever you like in the ‘real world’. There’ll be people over 10 years older than you who still play games now and then.

  6. John says:

    I know a 57 year old man who plays online games with his daughter in another state and a 65 year old woman who plays game to pass time since she is retired. These are normal people and games are a normal for of entertainment, there is no maximum age on them.

  7. busterwasmycat says:

    nothing wrong with playing. Just can’t let it interfere with the rest of life. More or less like anything. I still play some myself. beats watching tv. can’t be going out every night. too old for that crap. You’ll probably play with your kids once they come along like a lot of people. Cripes, diddy kong racing with a four year old. there’s fun for ya..

  8. LOL is FTW says:

    There is nothing wrong with playing video games. My father just turned 47 and he plays them 2-4 times a week. The view that gamers are losers is just stereotype. I know many that had those views untill they picked up a controller (or a keyboard/mouse) and found out that its actually fun. People playing video games is no different than people using Facebook or going to the mall. All are used to socialize and have fun or even kill time.

  9. Tayler Bennett says:

    Yes their are lots of things people say about gamers, but playing video games is not uncool. I know plenty people who are a lot older than you that still play video games, including me. it is not uncool if any thing just the opposite. Now yes their are people out there that all they talk about it gaming and it can lead you to think they are too much of a gamer or the “loser” type but it is a fantastic thing and as long as you still get out in the world and do things gaming is totally fine. Just moderation. 🙂

    I don’t know if this really answered your question but every body plays them at some point.

  10. Mark Geist says:

    Ok, if you like something then why stop doing it if it makes you happy. I work 70 hours a week, I have a very social life with real people all the time…. and I run my servers top PvP guild in World of Warcraft, if it makes you feel better then say that gaming is your hobby. There is nothing wrong with having fun and being who you are.

  11. Todd Rose says:

    Dont you ever quit playin video gomes man you gotta you just gotta. it is in your nature as a man to keep playing video games. how else are you supposed to get rid of anger without killing people in real life.

  12. Md. Abdullah-Al says:

    I think over 27

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