World of Warcraft – Beer Song

Please note, I didn’t make the video and I don’t take credit for it. I happened to find the video on FilePlanet and downloaded it to share with you all here =) Downloaded from FilePlanet at:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to World of Warcraft – Beer Song

  1. JBruce14 says:

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  2. TheFlowerPoison says:

    WoW sucks

  3. Fatfingas says:

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  4. Kimi FW says:

    Uh… I don’t think Weird Al did this song.

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  6. explorethenewworld says:

    lol its funny

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  8. axatu1 says:

    the old days of world of we have pandas… blizz fucked us..

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  11. selakittneni says:


  12. 1331Raven says:


  13. Lukeplaysshuff says:

    one of the first youtube videos

  14. catlover11400 says:


  15. Stormraider1000 says:

    by ODIN i drink so much BEER oh man i am fuckin drunkin today lol XD

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  17. Aston Hall says:


  18. zgarner2 says:

    I just found my new ringtone ^_^

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  20. Igotawesome says:

    That was awesome lol

  21. Jamie Ragin says:

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  22. Thecreamcloud says:

    Yes mate just saying to my friend now how amazing the first level 60’s were, that’s when the magic was in the game… FUCK I MISS IT!

  23. iamawowguy says:

    …….okay that was epic

  24. Franks Andres says:

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  25. rickysmith2007 says:

    This song is from the blood hound gang not wierd al. Wierd al cant even sound like that 🙂 . WorldOfWarcraftGameCards[.]Blogspot[.]Com

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