Xbox SmartGlass and Internet Explorer for Xbox – E3 2012 HD

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Xbox SmartGlass and Internet Explorer for Xbox – E3 2012 HD

  1. mike gray says:

    This cool and all but lets been honest are you really going to use it? probably not

  2. Eduardo Castillo Perera says:

    What a shame copy of wii u and a little apple tv. When will you learn to do something original?

  3. CAB1802IsBack says:

    copy off Wii U the Wii U TVii and this Xbox Smartglass does almost the same

  4. theoriginalanimeker says:

    OOOO this made it a super must on my christmas list @ 7:59 Haha I was getting in to that even though that was bad actingO.o
    Or rather obvious than bad

  5. aluurchin2 says:

    Smart Gl ass

  6. QDaeMaestro says:

    LOL He practiced waaaay too much. I couldn’t stop laughing. I would too though, no hate no hate.

  7. aspasiz says:

    I swear Microsoft is the greediest company that has ever existed. I have an xbox 360 and Im thinking of switching to ps3 because on xbox you have to pay for everything. Couldn’t have microsoft at least made the IE explorer for Xbox FREE

  8. mafiafattony says:

    This dude is so nervous it’s obvious. He rehearsed his lines so much… hahaha but I’d be nervous too in front of such a big audience.

  9. Xclann says:

    The problem is that we have to have XBoxLIVE GOLD account to use Internet Explorer…

  10. qazxsw62080 says:

    xbox online games free

  11. qazxsw62080 says:

    xbox online games free no

  12. רועי אבלמן says:

    wii u fake

  13. T3mp35tHockey says:

    Will this work with the Kindle Fire HD?

  14. zombie2590 says:

    you are an idiot

  15. 23Huevosrancheros says:

    @zombie2590 they have cell phones and tablets that do that 🙂

  16. Brandon Nguyen says:

    They need to make it to where you can download stuff through Internet Explorer, like a different browser or adobe or flash plugins and browser customizations. That would be awesome.

  17. spencer4757 says:

    SmartGlass is a SmartAss

  18. angus7021 says:

    Like no one cheered. If I was with Xbox, I would be.

  19. angus7021 says:

    It also works for the Wii, will for Wii U, and maybe PS3 (I dunno). So chill.

  20. Br0d97 says:

    I am typing this on a xbox 360 and yes…. porn works!!!!!

  21. XixIXca says:

    fuck Internet Explorer get Google Chrome on the Xbox

  22. TroelsEinarson says:

    Hey! Do you hate all of the ads on Youtube? Well, they want to hear what you all think, go here
    They are giving away Macbook Pro’s to the first 500 that finish the 5 easy questions!

  23. apple2345678908765 says:

    I meant media connectivity and the ability to stream one’s screen. yeah a while

  24. zombie2590 says:

    and in HD 😀

  25. zombie2590 says:

    Does Apple have a game console that makes millions, if not billions world wide? No, so fuck off troll

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